Oilfield Drilling mud centrifuge

GN developed a new Oilfield Drilling mud centrifuge LWF600x1000N, since more and more clients inquiry relatively larger centrifuge for oilfield drilling to meet various requirement.

LWF600x1000N decanter centrifuge specification

Max treating capacity: 300gpm

Oilfield Drilling mud centrifuge

Oilfield Drilling mud centrifuge

Normal treating capacity: 264gpm

Average bowl speed: 1800rpm

Bowl diameter: 23.6”

Bowl length: 39.4”

Total power: 52.5KW

Matched pump power: 5.5KW

Previous model decanter centrifuge LWF450x1000N

Max treating capacity: 264gpm

Normal treating capacity: 220gpm

Average bowl speed: 1800rpm

Bowl diameter: 17.7”

Bowl length: 39.4”

Total power: 37.5KW

Matched pump power: 5.5KW

 Compare with LW450x1000N, LW600x1000N has larger treating capacity and larger bowl, which can process more drilling fluids in one time and less drilling cost relatively. They are both middle speed decanter centrifuge, which can separate drilling fluids solids particles 5~7 μm, for some clients, it is enough for drilling fluids cleaning, but for some other clients, they need a high speed centrifuge to separate more fine solids from the drilling fluids, we will recommend GLW355x1250N or GLW-V-355X1250N. The max treating capacity is 176gpm.

 Sometimes you will encounter troubles when operate the centrifuge in oilfield, we would like to offer some suggestions for normal problems, anyway, we will have a engineer to service if complex trouble.

 1 Intense Vibration

 A Solids in the drum doesn’t clear away after last operation

  Solution: Start-up auxiliary motor to flush it by clean water and always remember to clean the bowl after using everytime

 B Mud feed pipe isn’t installed properly and then lead that mud feed pipe rubs against the drum or pipe is broken.

Solution: Pull feed pipe out to check. Align it if friction exist. Replace if it is broken.

For more information for GN new designed Oilfield Drilling mud centrifuge, pls contact us.

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