GN Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Centrifuge

GN Solids Control can supply kinds of centrifuge used in slurry treatment of drilling, coring, tunneling, dredgging, mining and so on. It can be used in a complete system or separetely. One popular one is variable frequency drive centrifuge GLW355x1250N.

Specifics of GLW355x1250N

Drum diameter:     355mmvariable frequency  decanter centrifuge
Rotary Speed:     0~3200r/min
Separation factor:  ≤2035
Separation point:  ≥2μm
Main power:        37kw-4p
Assistant power:   7.5kw-4p
Max capacity:     ≤40m3/h

Control Panel of VFD Centrifuge

The motors and the feed pump are controled by the control panel. Also the speed of the motor also bowl and scrool are also controled by the panel.

Two Motor Machanical Scrool Drive System

variable frequency control panel

The two motors both controlled by independent variable frequency drives (VFD), and the main motor connected a hydrodynamic coupling, to keep it safe, and if there are something wrong, the connection with main motor and the bowl will be intermited.
The hydrodynamic coupling is used to keep the bowl and the motor same speed or with same rate. Electric motor is firmly connected
to the pump section of the hydrodynamic coupling, therefore they run at the same angular velocity. Similarly, operating device is stiffly connected to the turbine section of the hydrodynamic coupling, and they run at the angular velocity.

Advantages of GLW355x1250N

1. Rugged scrool drive system
2. Mulriple way to protect itself and the people
3. Advanced technique and best service
4. Good quality and competitive price
This is a list but not only these definitely, rugged design, and easy to maintain, and so on. We have done that. If you want to know more, contact…

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