Design & operation of API Standard shale shaker

GN designed some new models shale shaker in 2011, all of them are BEM shaker with 3 screen panel, the shaker screen dimension is larger than Derrick FLC 500 & 2000 series shaker, even 3 panel screen area is larger than Derrick 4 panel screen area.

The new designed shale shaker is according to API standard of design procedure,GNPS70-3,GNPS85-3 all matched standard oilfield solids control mud tank.

shale shaker

shale shaker

API standard design procedure of shale shaker

1 Shale shakers skids shall be level.

2 Shakers shall be rigged with adequate space, walkways and handrails to permit easy and safe servicing.

3 if the shaker is equipped with a rear tank, the flow line shall enter the rear tank as near the bottom as possible.

4 A means of diverting fluid from the flow line is recommended to permit the disposal of cement, spotting fluids, contaminated fluids, etc, before these fluids reach the shale shaker. The procedure shall not be used to dump the rear tank into the sand trap before trips.

operation procedure of shale shaker

1 The screens shall be inspected every time circulation is interrupted.

2 Use the shaker screens with the smallest openings that do not cause excessive drilling fluid loss.

3 Under normal operating conditions and when using a single-deck shaker with multiple screens, all screens shall have the same API designation.

4 Torn or damaged screens shall be replaced or repaired promptly.

e.g.GNZS63-3 shale shaker use wedge technology, it is easy to change and install Brandt Cobra shaker screen.

GNZS83-3 shale shaker use tension bolts to install screens.

5 When using shaker screens that need tensioning, tension shall be checked 15 min to 30 min after installation and tourly thereafter.

6 All fluid, including that shipped to the rig from elsewhere, shall be screened before entering the active system tanks. The larger the screen area is, the better the screened effect is.

7 Screen selection with weighted drilling fluids involves a compromise to accommodate the need to maximise cuttings removal while not separating excessive quantities of weighting material. Usually an API 200 is the limit of the finest shaker screen that does not remove excessive quantities of weighting material (ยก.e., barite).

We are designing a new type pyramid-frame panel screen, it can be used in our new designed shakers, you can use either screen type according to the drilling mud situation.

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