Oct 26

Russia oil drilling market prefers to buy more and more solids control equipment from China as the strained relationship between Russia and US. Since 2014, The sales amount to Russia have a big percentage for our exporting business.

1)Mud Cleaner:

GN Mud cleaner is combination of shale shaker, desander cones and desilter cones. Three units in one make the footprint much smaller, save lots of space for the surface of mud tank system.

GN have different type shale shaker, with 2 panel, 3 panel or 4 panel. Thus, the mud cleaner is also different which can be 2 panel, 3 panel or 4 panel deck shaker.

The mud cleaner treating capacity also decided by the desander cones qty or  desilter cones qty, which can be 200gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm,1000gpm or  1500gpm. We can control the treating capacity by the quantity of desander or desilter.

HDD mud system 2015.04

2) Decanter centrifuge

GN Decanter centrifuge have different options. For oil drilling, the most popular centrifuge model is GNLW363 and GNLW452. GNLW363 is high speed centrifuge with 14inch bowl size and can be used with fixed speed control panel or variable speed control panel; GNLW452 is middle speed centrifuge which is specialized for barite recovery or big solids separation.

Except for above two model centrifuge, we also have another model centrifuge in different bowl size. Pls check more from GN website:  GN Decanter centrifuge


3) Vertical cuttings dryer:

GN vertical cuttings dryer is used for drilling waste management. As to support the environmental protection, we design the machine as per the request from government policy. Up to now, the centrifuge show super working performance when deal with oil based mud drilling cuttings, saving lots of cost for clients on the OBM drilling cuttings treatment, in separation and transportation.

If you need any support on solids control or drilling waste management, pls contact us freely.

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Oct 19

ADIPEC oil show is coming next month on 7-10, November. As the second largest oil show, ADIPEC will attract lots of visitors from all over the world. As the usual exhibitor, GN Solids Control will attend the ADIPEC oil show with the latest model 14inch decanter centrifuge, as well as the most popular model for oil & gas drilling rigs.

What is new configuration of GN decanter centrifuge?

  • 1) Patent design, which is different from Derrick centrifuge or Swaco centrifuge
  • 2) Bowl cylindrical and conical section made from Duplex Stainless steel 2205 by centrifugal force
  • 3) Other parts of the bowl assembly made from: SS316
  • 4) Screw protection: Tungsten carbide tiles for longer life and easier replacement
  • 5) Genuine SKF bearing for the centrifuge bowl, longer and reliable performance
  • 6) VFD control panel with positive pressurized and PLC touch screen operation

The 14inch bowl centrifuge has been working for oil drilling market over two years, working performance, parts lifetime, working reliability, treating capacity is improved a lot compared with former design decanter centrifuge.


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Sep 22

As the crude oil price is lower, many drilling company stop drilling operation and are busy with oily sludge. They want to treat the oily sludge, recover valuable oil, and reduce the impact on the environment. Government in every country also has related regulations on environmental protection.

After about half year communication with different oily sludge client, we promote oily sludge treatment system with shaker, centrifuge, chemical dosing system, and O/W separator. The system includes 4 parts.

Part 1: Mixing tank with shaker and agitators

The shaker on the tank is long deck shale shaker with hot line inlet water/steam, which can help to improve the separation performance of shaker screen. We also advise coarse mesh screen for longer working life, and to avoid sludge stick on the screen.

After separation of shaker, the liquid go down to the mixing tank, the agitator will suspending it. Meanwhile, the chemical will coming from chemical dosing system. Here, the oily sludge will be diluted and have better separation.

mud tank

Part 2: Chemical dosing system

The chemical dosing system including PAM three tank dosing system, acid tank etc.

Part 3: Centrifuge on telescopic skid

After the mixing tank, the oily sludge will be transfer to centrifuge system. High speed centrifuge can separate the fine solids, discharge down to skips, and the clean liquid go to slant plate clarifier.

We recommend most popular centrifuge model GNLW363 series. The 14inch centrifuge is equivalent to Swaco 518 centrifuge or Derrick DE1000 centrifuges. We have lots of client shift from Swaco/Derrick to GN for centrifuge requirements.

Big bowl big capacity centrifuge is also available, GNLW553 centrifuge is 22inch centrifuge with big volume.


Part 4: slant plate clarifier and O/W separator

Via slant plate clarifier, the solids will be removed. Then, the liquid go to O/W separator, here the liquid will be separated into oil and water. Oil pump to oil tank; water pump to water tank.

If you are in need of solids control equipment, pls contact us freely.

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Sep 01

GN can offer various type shaker screens for different model shale shakers. Recently, we have one client from Middle East with 5 land rigs under drilling. He visited our company at the end of last year, and he knows GN very well. At the first, the client need equipment for oily sludge treatment, they failed to win the tender. Next time they need some sets of decanter centrifuges & high G drying shakers, but they are busy with big tender for chemical supply and they lose the centrifuge tender again. We really feel sorry to hear that.

2015.1.9 replacement screen for Swaco MONGOOSE SCREEN

After about half years past, the client needs to buy some screens sample for their rigs working in Oman. And we want to catch this opportunity and start to offer products to them. The client need 20pcs replacement shaker screen for Brandt VENOM shaker (API 70) and 20pcs replacement shaker screen for Brandt VENOM shaker (API 80). We can offer both composite material frame screen and carbon steel frame screen.  In fact, the carbon steel frame screen is not feedback good in some mud condition, even the price of composite material is higher, we recommend client the composite material screen with much better and reliable working performance.

Except for Venom shaker, GN can also offer other different models of replacement shaker screen. For example:

1) Replacement screen for Derrick FLC 2000 shale shakers, pyramid screen and flat screen.

2) Replacement screen for Derrick FLC 500 shale shakers, pyramid screen and flat screen.

3) Replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose, omposite material screen or Carbon steel frame screen, different price, different lifetime and different working performance. We recommend composite as better choice

4) Replacement screen for Brandt king cobra/ Brandt Venom, composite material screen or Carbon steel frame screen, different price, different lifetime and different working performance. We recommend composite as better choice

5) Except for above screens, GN can offer replacement screen for Scomi shakers, FSI shale shakers

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Aug 23

GN decanter centrifuge with tungsten alloy tiles screw conveyor can have a much longer lifetime with good working performance. The Ex-proof control panel with positive pressurized air can keep inside lower temperature, and keep it clean without dust and keep it dry; all the features make the centrifuge & VFD control panel good performance and less maintenance.

One client from Africa, they bought 2 batches decanter centrifuge from us in past 3 years. The client is local land rig drilling contractor with 7 land rigs. They use the centrifuge for solids control, each rig need two sets centrifuge, the client have their own centrifuge from us, and they also rent some centrifuges locally.


Recently, we have got news from the clients that they are doing some maintenance for the VFD control panel and are faced with some challenges.

  • Challenge 1: the centrifuge cannot separate anything
  • Challenge 2: the PLC control panel don’t display correct rotation speed value as reset
  • Challenge 3: The centrifuge motor don’t rotate in correct direction

After several times discussion by email and by phones, we are clear that all the disorder is because of the electrical components in the VFD control panel which have been replaced by client is not working in correct mode. After we give instruction on how to adjust the Omren module components in the Control box, the centrifuge can work in correct mode as before.

The centrifuge motor rotation direction is also very important to the centrifuge performance. If the rotation direction is not correct, it will not remove solids and will not work normally. We have direction arrow in red stick on the motor end, it is much necessary for client to check the rotation direction before test the centrifuge.

Except for centrifuge, GN Solids Control also provide all line of solids control equipment, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitator, mud gun, shear pump, screw pump, slurry pump, mud tanks etc.

For drilling waste management, the products line including: vertical cuttings dryer, thermal desorption unit, fixation unit, screw conveyor etc.

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Aug 19

With oil price going up, we just receive tender Invitation from Africa Client, even we don’t participate in overseas tender directly, we can share the news and this maybe a signal of local requirements is arising. The tender on solids control package including below parts;

  1. Provision of Secondary Mud Recovery/Cuttings Dryer (either vertical or horizontal) with feed pump capable of obtaining less than 5% (50gm/kg) cuttings oil retention (COR).

GN response: all GN Vertical cuttings dryer are high standard equipment, which is equivalent to Swaco vertical cuttings dryer / CSI cuttings dryer. GN vertical cuttings dryer are working in many drilling rig site and show high performance.

GNCD930 series cuttings dryer have been working for Oil based mud cuttings treatment over 3 years, the OOC can be reduced to below 5%.


  1. Provision of Low and High speed centrifuges with feed pumps for drilling fluids solids control to assist in obtaining less than 5% COR. The units shall have independent bowl and scroll speeds for processing the synthetic base fluid.

GN response: we can offer fixed speed low speed centrifuge / fixed speed high speed centrifuge. And we can offer variable speed centrifuge with PLC control panel, the client can get different speed for different application, much convenient for speed adjustment.

GNLW363CG premium centrifuge is the most popular model, the 14inch centrifuge is equivalent to Derrick DE1000 centrifuge or Swaco 518 centrifuges, much more cost-effective than US brand centrifuges.

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Aug 11

GN Solids Control is professional leading manufacturer for different type centrifuge for different area applications, the centrifuge type including fixed speed centrifuge & variable speed centrifuge, high speed centrifuge and lower speed centrifuge, electrical motor drive centrifuge and fully hydraulic centrifuge, 2 phase centrifuge and 3 phase centrifuge, horizontal screw centrifuge and vertical scraper centrifuge or disc centrifuge etc. The application area including:

  • Oil gas drilling mud treatment centrifuge (similar to HDD drilling mud centrifuge)
    Public works sewage sludge treatment
    Industry and mineral oil separation and clean
    Fool oil and fat extraction and separation
    Food and drinks, like fruit juice, vegetable juice, beer production and grape wine production

GN industry centrifuges

In public sewage sludge treatment, GN centrifuge can provide below functions.

1) Sludge concentration
Sludge concentration refers to the residual sludge generated in the organic phase before being pumped into the digestive tower, the dry matter content from g/ltr. 5-10 concentration to 5 to 8%. In this process, the sludge volume will be reduced by 95% – 90.
The horizontal screw centrifuge is used for dewatering of sludge. The most critical point of the sludge transportation, recycling, landfill or burning after dewatering is the most important point to be as dry as possible. Other key factors and save energy, polymer and water consumption, and reduce the demand for spare parts.

2) New use of starch polymers for sludge thickening
Horizontal screw centrifuge consist of all the advantages of different type centrifuges, can ensure the best concentration effect even if the starch polymer is added in the sludge. Through the centrifugal force, the rest sludge will be concentrated to a set of sludge, controllable concentration. Starch polymers are needed to ensure that the separation degree is greater than 95% when the concentration of the solution is concentrated. In this process, only use a very small amount of polymer, while the minimum energy consumption to achieve high.

3) Environmental Protection Dredging Engineering
Compared with other mechanical dewatering equipment, Decanter centrifuge can give continuous operation, the dehydrated mud cake containing a high rate of solid; the recovery rate can reach more than 95%. The system has the advantages of small occupation area, and can achieve the full closed operation, operation environment is clean and hygienic, especially suitable to do in the densely populated area of town river sludge dewatering operation, can effectively reduce sludge transportation and landfill space.

dredging separation system

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Aug 04

GN Solids Control solids liquid separation decanter centrifuge have been working for oil drilling many years. The stable working performance and reliable life time win good reputation for GN Solids Control. And now we just published three phase  centrifuge for solids, water and oil three phase separation.



Except for decanter centrifuge and three phase centrifuge, GN main market is still in drilling waste management and solids control equipment.

GN drilling waste management equipment including: vertical cuttings dryer, waste centrifuge, solidification unit, fixation unit, thermal desorption unit, etc. Drilling Waste management equipment is used to treat the solids mixture discharged from shaker, recover valuable drilling fluids for reuse and reduce the waste need to be treated in following stages.

For water based mud, client normal choose High G drying shaker, decanter centrifuge and solidification unit. After treatment of solidification unit, the solids can be buried in cement ponds as final step. For oil based mud, client need to use vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, thermal desorption unit. Thermal desorption unit can get cuttings solids with oil below 0.3%, this standard can meet the requirement of most country’s government protection policy. Compared with water based mud, OBM cuttings treatment cost is much higher both in equipment expense and operation cost.

GN Solids Control equipment including: shale shaker, mud cleaner, shaker screens, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuges, mud agitator, centrifugal pump, screw pump, mud tanks etc. GN Solids Control mud system can form a close loop mud circulation with drilling rig and mud pumps. After the mud ready for drilling, the mud pump will suck from the mud system and feeding for drilling rig. The mud from drilling rig flowline will go back to mud tank system for cleaning, adjusting and go back to mud pump. The mud tank system generally include four stage mud treatment and will remove particles in different size by different stage, shale shaker stage, desander stage, desilter stage and decanter centrifuge stage. Two phase separation centrifuge is mostly used in solids control system, very few clients choose three phase centrifuge.

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Jul 28

GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge is designed for solids control in oil and gas drilling field. With the mature product, GN is spreading the business scope to more other fields, including Centrifuge for HDD drilling, centrifuge for diamond drilling, centrifuge for waste water treatment, centrifuge for food industry etc.


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Jul 22

GN Solids Control have almost 10 years experience in solids control and drilling waste management equipment manufacturing. As China most experienced company, GN put large percent power on the optimization of decanter centrifuge. Without doubt, Decanter Centrifuge is the most advanced equipment in solids control line, play key role for the total system working performance.

GN Solids Control has different stage for the development of decanter centrifuge. After these years hard work, GN Solids Decanter Centrifuge can show much higher working performance compared with other China brand centrifuges. GN have different model centrifuge for option:

9inch bowl small size decanter centrifuge GNLW223 for waste water treatment, this centrifuge can be used for diamond drilling, hall core drilling, mining etc, some small drilling rigs. Together with shaker, the centrifuge can be used to remove solids from waste water, and the clean water can be reused for the projects.

14inch bowl popular size decanter centrifuge for solids control and drilling waste management

This GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge is the most popular model, we can sell about 200sets each year to overseas market. It is mainly used for solids control, working after mud cleaner to remove the fine solids and reduce the mud weight.  Working together with flocculent unit, the centrifuge can remove much fine solids after coagulation and flocculation.

363C (2)

18inch bowl popular size decanter centrifuge with short bowl for barite recover, GNLW452 centrifuge is mainly used for barite recovery, for solids control.

18inch and 22inch bowl popular size decanter centrifuge with longer bowl for solids control and fast drilling mud treatment

If you are from oil drilling field, we recommend you GNLW363CG fixed speed decanter centrifuge or GNLW363CG-VFD variable speed decanter centrifuge for flexible use. This is also the most popular model centrifuge, we have stock in warehouse for fast delivery. We can also offer DNV certificate if the centrifuge will be used for offshore and need helicopter lifting transportation.

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