Feb 24

GN Solids Control has been committed to a complete set of solid-liquid separation equipment systems and services for many years. After the Chinese New Year, GN Solids Control completed the manufacture of an engineering mud treatment system for an international engineering company.

The main processing equipment of this mud processing system includes:

1. Primary shale shaker

The GN Solids Control coarse Shaker is mainly used to remove boulders and aggregates. There is a conveying tank under the coarse vibrating screen to store the mud after the coarse screen. The mud is injected into the secondary fine screen vibrating screen by the submerged slurry pump.

2. Secondary shaker screen

The fine screen shaker of GN Solids Control is a double-deck vibrating screen used to remove most of the fine solid phase.

3. Three-stage screening mud cleaner

The mud after the secondary screening needs to be further screened with a mud cleaner to reach the centrifuge separation processing conditions. The mud cleaner produced by GN Solids Control uses a polyurethane material cyclone to extend its service life. The detachable cyclone bracket is convenient for customers to modify into a single vibrating screen, desander or desilter. The machinist’s screen box synchronous lifting device can meet the needs of screen box angle adjustment under non-stop working conditions.

4. Four-stage separation decanter centrifuge

The GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge is a finer solid-liquid separation device that can separate solid particles larger than 2-5 microns. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with chemical dosing devices to separate solid particles smaller than 2 microns. The flocculant and the slurry are transported to the decanter centrifuge for treatment by the screw pump.

GN Solids Control can also provide other auxiliary equipment, including mud agitators, walkways, ladders, guardrails, etc.

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Feb 17

Recently, the GNLW-363ET-VFD sludge dewatering centrifuge independently developed and manufactured by GN Solids Control has been successfully sold to the sewage treatment plant in Southeast Asia for sludge dewatering at the back end of sewage treatment. GN customized this set of GNLW-363ET-VFD sludge dewatering centrifuge for customers based on years of experience in the research and development and manufacturing of centrifuge industry, and after in-depth communication with customers to understand the actual needs of customers’ sewage treatment plants. Southeast Asian customers are very interested in GN Solids Control. The sludge dewatering centrifuge solution provided is affirmed and we look forward to the next cooperation.

GNLW-363ET-VFD sludge dewatering centrifuge is a T series dewatering and concentrating decanter centrifuge independently developed by GN Solids Control. The half cone angle is 8.5 degrees. It is mainly used to separate liquid in solid particles and is suitable for comparing dryness Materials with high clarification requirements are separated and dehydrated. If centrifugal dehydration of fine-particle sludge wastewater is required, our company can also match the flocculation dosing system used with the sludge dewatering centrifuge for the customer to achieve the ultimate goal of the customer Separate processing requirements.

The diameter of the rotating drum of the GNLW-363ET-VFD sludge dewatering centrifuge is 360mm, the length of the rotating drum reaches 1512mm, the maximum speed of the centrifuge is 3900RTM, and the maximum separation factor can reach 3063G. The GN Solids Control sludge dewatering centrifuge electric control system is equipped with a stainless steel frequency conversion control cabinet, and the control system is integrated into the PLC. The frequency conversion control cabinet controls and displays the speed and differential speed, and can also monitor the operating status of the equipment, and can also Customers need to equip customers with automatic flushing and automatic dosing systems. If you have sludge dewatering needs or are interested in solid-liquid separation, please feel free to contact us.

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Feb 05

Recently, GN Solids Control successfully customized a mud cleaner and a GN drilling fluid centrifuge for a foreign drilling company according to the customer’s on-site operation requirements, and successfully applied it to the customer’s drilling site, which was recognized by the customer. GN Solids Control is a solids control equipment manufacturer with rich experience in solid-liquid separation in petroleum drilling.

  1. Mud cleaner

The GN Solids Control mud cleaner integrates three solids control equipment desander, desilter and vibrating screen into one processing module. The structure is compact, which can effectively reduce the equipment footprint, and the processing capacity can meet from 120-360 Cubic meters per hour. The desilter and desander are matched with 4-inch and 10-inch polyurethane cyclones respectively, which can effectively extend the operating life. In order to ensure the stability of the vibrating screen, the vibrating motors of GN Solids Control shale shaker all adopt international brands Martin or Oli. In addition, this set of mud cleaning is also equipped with a special jet mixing device and a slurry tank for customers according to customer requirements to meet the actual needs of customers on site operations.

  1. Drilling fluid centrifuge

The drilling fluid centrifuge is mainly used to process the small solid phase in the oil drilling fluid. According to different customer needs, GN Solids Control can also provide customers with a medium-speed centrifuge to remove the solid phase of 5-7μm. If you need to remove the fine solid phase of 2-5μm in the drilling fluid, you can choose the GN high-speed centrifuge, and our company also It can provide customers with a flocculation dosing system for supporting centrifuges, and can integrate all operating systems into the PLC, improve equipment automation and reduce human intervention, improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. GN Solids Control focuses on the manufacture of solid-liquid separation equipment. If you have any requirements for solid-liquid separation equipment, you can contact us at any time.

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Jan 31

Recently, a set of Shale Shaker separation system produced by GN Solids Control was sold to a foreign environmental protection company.

As a separation equipment, shale shaker is widely used in various industrial production. It plays an important role as the primary equipment in the mud solids control system. This system adds new technology on the basis of the traditional vibrating screen, adding a clean water pipeline above the screen frame. When the shale shaker is working, the clean water pipeline can spray clean water onto the shale shaker screen. The addition of this technology improves the screening effect for some substances with higher viscosity and difficult to screen. The shale shaker separate system consists of a screen, a vibrating screen slurry pump, a clean water pipeline pump and a treatment tank. The system is completely independently developed and manufactured by GN Solids Control, which also reflects the advantages of GN Solids Control in system development and manufacturing. With more than ten years of development, the company has accumulated a lot of experience in the development and manufacturing of complete systems.

GN Solids Control is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of solids control equipment. The shaker screen, the core equipment of the system, has long been the core product of GN Solids Control. The shale shaker produced by GN Solids Control has the following advantages and characteristics:

The vibration motor of GN Solids Control brand shale shaker adopts the Italian OLI or the American Martin brand, and its supporting GN brand explosion-proof electric control box, and the electrical components adopt Siemens or Schneider brand.

The vibrating screen box adopts heavy load design, and the overall heat treatment of the screen box, its vibration intensity can reach 8G.

A unique sealing design is adopted between the screen box and the screen of the shale shaker, which can not only protect the screen box, but also prevent fine materials from passing through the installation gap of the screen.

The bottom frame of the shale shaker box is designed with stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance.

The shale shaker box can ensure the angle adjustment without stopping the machine, and the operation is stable at the same time.

The successful delivery of this shale shaker system has set a good start for GN Solids Control‘s work in 2021. In the days to come, we will work hard to make high-quality products and serve every customer well.

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Jan 21

Recently, a mud recovery system produced by GN Solids Control will soon be sent to a domestic engineering company. This is also a continuous order based on the customer’s long-standing trust in GN Solids Control. The sincere and tacit cooperation between the two parties will undoubtedly contribute to the booming domestic management. Net construction is the icing on the cake.

GN Solids Control has been committed to providing customers with professional mud treatment solutions and reliable solids control equipment. The project is also fully conducting technical exchanges with customers and combining the customer’s on-site use requirements to customize a mud recovery system. The system includes a 240 m3 and a 120 m3 economical mud recovery equipment, a set of mixing tanks, and two sets of storage. Mud tank, and a GNLW554E-VFD mud dewatering decanter centrifuge, this system can fully meet the requirements of mud mixing, processing and recycling of medium and large directional crossing construction.

After several years of research and development and testing, GN Solids Control has successfully developed a set of mud treatment solutions containing tailing slurry dewatering. This system first filters and shaker screens the large particles in the mud with the mud recovery equipment to reduce the solid content in the mud. For the small particles in the mud, the small particles are flocculated by adding flocculating agents, and then enter GN Solids Control’s own decanter centrifuge performs mud dewatering. After the solid-liquid separation treatment of the decanter centrifuge, the liquid phase part can be directly discharged into the sewage pipeline, and the solid phase part can be directly loaded and transported away. This greatly reduces the cost of tail slurry treatment for customers and also meets the national environmental protection requirements. After more than ten years of continuous development, GN Solids Control has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of mud solids control equipment, and has accumulated a lot of experience in mud treatment. The company not only has a high market share in the domestic market, but also in the international market. More than 70 countries and regions in the world have established cooperation. Set up branches in the United States and Russia to better serve global customers. The long-term trust of customers is our driving force for continuous progress.

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Jan 13

Recently, the drilling mud mixing tank manufactured by GN Solids Control has been successfully applied to the customer’s work site. The mixing tank manufactured by our company this time is a customized product according to customer requirements. Integrating two sets of mixing tanks and one set of jet mixing hopper into a skid-mounted structure, it not only meets the customer’s requirements for floor space, but also meets the road transportation requirements, and meets the frequent needs of customers for conversion work sites. According to the demand, the customer spoke highly of the mixing tank designed and manufactured by our company, which effectively solved the customer’s problem.

The jet mixing device provided by GN Solids Control for customers is mainly used to configure drilling mud and change the density, viscosity, acidity and alkalinity of drilling mud. When using, it only needs to transport drilling materials such as barite powder and related chemicals into the jet mixing funnel, and then enter the mixing tank after mixing through the jet mixing funnel. The jet mixing device provided by our company for customers By increasing the shearing force of the drilling mud in the pipeline, the dispersion effect of various materials in the drilling mud can be effectively improved, so that the various components in the mud can be fully circulated and mixed in the tank to ensure the performance of the drilling mud and improve the drilling efficiency and Safety. In addition to the high-performance jet mixing device, our company has also equipped customers with a explosion proof electric control system independently produced by GN Solids Control. The box body is made of aluminum alloy and all electrical components are made of ABB, Siemens, Schneider and other international The well-known brand effectively guarantees the safety and stability of the electronic control system. If you are interested in the jet mixing device produced by our company, please feel free to contact our company.

If you want to know more about GN Solids Control, we sincerely welcome you to inquire or visit our company.

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Jan 07

A few days ago, the GNLW-454ET decanter centrifuge independently designed and manufactured by GN Solids Control was successfully sent to an environmental protection company in Tianjin, China, for sludge dewatering in a sewage treatment plant. GNLW-454ET centrifuge belongs to GN T series centrifuge. The half cone angle of T series centrifuge is 11°. It is suitable for removing liquid in solid phase materials, suitable for easy separation of large particles, large solid-liquid density difference, and low viscosity. , High concentration, solid-liquid separation for materials with large processing capacity and higher dryness than clarity requirements. The T series centrifuge selected by our company this time is finalized after laboratory analysis based on the characteristics of the customer’s materials and the materials provided by the customer, and we provide customers with a slurry supply pump and flocculation dosing system that match the GNLW-454ET centrifuge. , Customized a complete set of centrifugal dewatering system for customers to fully meet customers’ separation processing requirements and processing capacity, and may be highly praised by customers, fully affirming GN’s high-standard service and high-quality equipment.

The main parts of the GNLW-454ET centrifuge are made of phase stainless steel SUS2205 by centrifugal casting, which avoids the problems of intergranular corrosion and incomplete residual stress release caused by traditional welding methods, regardless of material and process The above are far superior to other competing products in the same industry. The centrifuge electric control system adopts PLC touch panel control, the sensor can be installed on the centrifuge to monitor the running status of the centrifuge and feedback to the control panel and automatically adjust the slurry supply of the slurry pump, saving labor costs and improving safety . GN Solids Control has always been adhering to win the trust of customers with high-quality products, high-standard services, and innovative technological innovations. If you have a demand or interest in the GN Solids Control centrifuge, you can call us directly.

If you want to know more about GN Solids Control, we sincerely welcome you to inquire or visit our company.

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Dec 30

Recently, three sets of GNLW224EP-VFD decanter decanter centrifuges produced by GN Solids Control are sold to European environmental protection companies for sludge dewatering. The three sets of GNLW224EP-VFD sludge dewatering centrifuges produced by GN Solids Control are compatible with European environmental protection companies. this solution include feed pump also.After in-depth communication with customers, the centrifuge integrated system customized for customers based on the actual working conditions of the customer’s site fully met the customer’s product requirements and won praise from customers. Customers are very grateful to the sludge dewatering centrifuge produced by our company for solving the problems of on-site sludge dewatering and small footprint. They have a very high recognition of our centrifuge and look forward to follow-up cooperation.

Features of GNLW224EP-VFD Decanter Centrifuge:

1. The large and small end cover shafts, rotating drums and spiral mandrels are made of duplex stainless steel SUS2205 by centrifugal casting, and their performance is better than SUS304 and SUS316 in the same industry.

2. The main parts are made by centrifugal casting and die forging technology to avoid the quality defects of intergranular corrosion and incomplete residual stress release caused by traditional welding technology.

3. The main material of the screw pusher is made of duplex stainless steel SS2205, SS2304 or higher material, and the spiral blades are integrally pressed by CNC spiral blade forming equipment to improve the efficiency of screw slag conveying.

4. The slag discharge port is protected by a replaceable hard alloy sleeve. The top and side of the slag discharge port of the drum are installed with cemented carbide scrapers, which can effectively protect the drum and prevent wear. The 360-degree rectangular slag discharge port, slag discharge Smoothly prevents clogging.

5. According to the material handling requirements, the spiral can use BD baffle to separate the dewatering zone and the settling zone deeper, and the dewatering zone is longer.

6, PLC control panel control, the sensor can be placed on the centrifuge to monitor the state of the machine.

If you want to know more about GN Solids Control, we sincerely welcome you to inquire or visit our company.

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Dec 25

Recently, a set of sewage treatment centrifuge with dosing device produced by GN Solids Control will be sent to customers in the Middle East. The centrifuge of this project adopts intelligent, automated, and efficient customized design according to customer requirements. The machine trial effect is very satisfactory.

Features of chemical dosing equipment:

1. Three tanks in one (mixing tank, mixing tank, storage tank) continuous brewing, easy operation and maintenance, low labor cost; according to actual needs, it can be changed to double tank type to make it more economical and reasonable;

2. The machine has the function of proportioning allocation, which can adjust the concentration of liquid medicine required for brewing according to actual needs;

3. The brewing concentration of this machine is uniform and moderate, which can reduce the occurrence of granulation caused by improper manual deployment, which will block the pipeline or pump, and increase unnecessary maintenance costs and powder expenditure;

4. The fusion effect of the medicine and liquid mixer reaches 100%, with unique innovative functions;

5. The machine is uniquely designed with stand-by time and automatic intermittent and paused cross-stirring functions, so that the infusion solution can be uniformly blended and kept in the best use state forever; when the powder supply tank is low in stock, the indicator of the appliance is detected by induction The function assistance of warning and stopping of the dosing pump makes the overall controllability of the machine more perfect.

Features of GN Solids Control 454E series decanter centrifuge:

1. The drum is made of duplex stainless steel SS2305 by centrifugal casting, and its performance is better than SS304 and SS316.

2. The centrifugal casting process makes the drum more uniform in texture and has good dynamic balance performance.

3. The slag discharge port of the centrifuge and the slurry outlet of the screw pusher are inlaid with tungsten carbide cemented carbide sleeves, which are extremely wear-resistant and not easy to break.

4. The screw pusher is inlaid with wear-resistant alloy sheets, which has a longer life and reduces the number of maintenance.

5. PLC control panel control, sensors can be placed on the centrifuge to monitor the status of the machine. GN Solids Control focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of separation and conveying equipment. E series decanter centrifuges are mainly suitable for solid-liquid separation of mineral oil, chemical viscous materials, fruit juice, coffee, tea, wine, soy milk, biodiesel, starch, etc.

If you want to know more about GN Solids Control, we sincerely welcome you to inquire or visit our company.

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Dec 19

Recently, a set of construction slurry treatment system produced by GN Solids Control has been put into use in construction mud treatment stations in North America, and the system has been successfully introduced to the international market, and will soon be sent to foreign customers, including the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions Engineering construction unit. The system has the characteristics of small footprint, low cost, and significant treatment effect, and can also be widely used in tunnel shield and pipe jacking projects and trenchless directional crossing projects.

This mud separation system is mainly composed of four solid-liquid separation modules: coarse screening, vibrating screen, desanding and desilting cyclone and decanter centrifugal dehydrator. Its working principle is as follows:

1. The mud tanker transports the mud produced by urban construction to the treatment station. First, the big rocks are filtered out through the collecting funnel, and then the small rocks are screened out through the coarse screen. The remaining mud is filtered and collected to the transfer station. In a jar

2. The slurry supply pump pumps the slurry from the transfer tank to the vibrating screen for further solid phase separation and removes the large particles of sand and gravel;

3. After the mud passes through the shale shaker for preliminary solid-liquid separation, it is pressurized to the desander cyclone by the slurry pump in the system. After high-speed cyclone separation, the grit components with a particle diameter greater than 40 microns are removed, and the fine sand is separated into the transfer tank, and then pressurized by the slurry supply pump to the desilting cyclone. The desilting cyclone will be more than 20 microns The particles are separated, and the mud below 20 microns is returned to the mud storage tank and pumped to the construction machinery for recycling after reproportioning.

4. The high-speed centrifugal dewatering centrifuge equipped with this system can separate the fine particles of 5-20 microns in the mud to ensure the performance of the mud.

Centrifuges produced by GN Solids Control are widely used in drilling mud treatment, sewage environmental protection treatment, oily sludge treatment, chemical and food and beverage industries.

If you want to know more about GN Solids Control, we sincerely welcome you to inquire or visit our company.

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