Nov 25

GN Solids Control is an equipment manufacturing company focusing on solids control and waste treatment for nearly ten years, and its equipment is exported to many countries and regions. Refined manufacturing standards and perfect after-sales service have won the recognition of customers, and won the honorary title of national high-tech enterprise.

Recently, the trenchless mud recovery system and mixing tank produced by GN:

1. 2 sets of GNMS-500D mud recovery system

The mud recovery system has a processing capacity of 120 cubic meters per hour and is equipped with a ten-inch cyclone. Under the action of centrifugal force, the non-excavated mud is separated from the solids in the mud. The system belongs to the secondary purification, the mud separated from the cyclone falls onto the vibrating screen and then undergoes physical screening to complete further separation. The processing accuracy is 40 microns, and the system volume is 1.5 cubic meters.

2. 1 set of mixing tank

The mud mixing tank and the mixing funnel of the slurry are designed on a skid to make transportation more convenient. Two mud mixing hopper are designed in parallel, which can mix slurry at the same time, or use jet funnel separately to meet the demand of unable to mix slurry. The bottom of the mixing tank is designed with a sand cleaning door to facilitate the cleaning of the tank body after the equipment is used.


3. 1 set of double-layer shale shaker

GN GNZS706F shale shaker, the vibration trajectory is linear, or it can be configured according to customer needs, linear ellipse double trajectory. The shale shaker is a double-layer screen with three upper and lower screens. The upper sieving area is 2.03 square meters and the lower is 2.63 square meters. You can follow up the demand and choose different mesh screens for the upper and lower layers.

If you have a need of this type solution, you are welcome to call at any time.

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Nov 17

The separation and conveying equipment produced by GN is widely used in environmental protection and water treatment industries. After more than ten years of development, the equipment is exported to many countries and regions, and has won high recognition from customers at home and abroad.

Recently, GN Solids Control stacked screw dewatering machine and solid vacuum pump have been produced and will be sent to domestic environmental protection companies for use in sludge dewatering projects. The whole set of equipment is divided into two modules: sludge transportation and mud-water separation, which has achieved the customer’s expected effect.


GN Solids Control solid vacuum pump can meet the transportation of solid, high-solid sludge, liquid or powder and other materials. The equipment adopts pneumatic working principle, which forms vacuum suction and positive pressure discharge through compressed air. There is no Rotating parts can be applied to a variety of working conditions, and the maintenance rate is low. It can transport materials with a solid content of 80%, and has the advantages of small footprint, large transport volume, and easy movement. GN Solids Control solid vacuum pumps can be divided into three models: 10m³/h, 20m³/h, and 40m³/h according to the different material conveying capacity. The material can also be cast iron and stainless steel. it was better choice than screw conveyor for some job.

GN Solids Control stacking screw dehydrator is widely used in municipal sewage, aquaculture and other sludge sewage treatment in many industries, and can also be used for oily sludge treatment. According to the different needs of customers, there are many models to choose from, and it can replace decanter centrifuge in many fields. Machine to get a higher price-performance ratio.

If you have a need of this type solution, you are welcome to call at any time.

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Nov 12

GN Solids Control specializes in fixed control and waste treatment equipment for more than ten years, has successfully exported to multiple countries and regions around the world, and has established branches or cooperation institutions in the United States, Russia.

Recently GN Solids Control supplies a set of dryers and centrifuge processing systems for a domestic environmental protection engineering company for treatment of oil-based cutting waste.


First, GNCD930F vertical cutting dryer

The dryer is develop and developed by GN Solids Control, widely used in oil-based cutting. The crystals are delivered to the dryer feeder through the spiral conveyor, and the oil-based cutting after the dryer are treated both cost and meet the transportation and environmental requirements of cuttings. In order to prevent the interior of the dryer, the GN Solids Control dryer is equipped with a special air knife for cleaning the screen blue slit to prevent screen blue blocking. Under some special conditions, customers have customized dual-frequency trunk to get better processing.

Second, GNLW363C-VFD  centrifuge

GN Solids Control GNLW363C-VFD Decanter Centrifuge is the best-selling model of GN Solids Control in the oil industry. The centrifuge system is mainly used to handle drilling fluids separated by dryers. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, the fineness in the drilling fluid can be recovered to cyclic use in the mud storage tank. The solid phase waste and the solid discharged in the dryer are transported together to the designated area. Reduced transportation costs.

Skid and screw conveyor, etc.

The cutting filters after the vibrating screen treatment in the oil-based grief treatment system are delivered to the dryer through the spiral conveyor, and our company is also supported by the dryer and the centrifuge. Legs and hair equipment and related supporting equipment for customers.

If you have related drillings, please feel free to contact us.

Up to now, GN Solids Control has provided similar complete sets of equipment to many countries such as the United States, Singapore, Canada, etc. Customers have given positive affirmation to the effect and service life of the treatment.

If you have a need for mud dehydration treatment equipment or have any questions about mud treatment, you are welcome to call at any time.

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Nov 03

GN Solids Control has a complete treatment plan and technology in mud dewatering treatment and can provide advanced complete sets of mud dewatering equipment. With the increase in environmental protection requirements of various countries, the process requirements for mud dewatering treatment are also getting higher and higher. GN Solids Control provides a complete set of processing technology to meet customer requirements on site. The specific equipment is as follows:

1. High frequency dehydration coarse shale shaker

The first stage of dehydration uses a high-frequency dehydration coarse screen shale shaker. After the coarse screen, all the big rocks, branches, gloves, plastics, etc. are intercepted and separated by the screen. The slurry falls into the slurry tank below through the screen gap, and is transported to the High frequency dehydration fine sieve.

2. High frequency dehydration fine screen shaker

The second stage of dehydration uses a high-frequency dehydration fine screen. This shale shaker use a double-layer shaker, which can separate solid particles above 100um after treatment, and after high-frequency dehydration, the solid-phase water content is significantly reduced. The liquid phase is pumped to the sludge cleaner.


3. Desiltier cleaner

The third stage of dewatering uses a sludge cleaner. Although the high-frequency coarse shale shaker and fine screen shale shaker are used for the preliminary treatment, the decanter centrifuge is required for treatment at the end. In order to prolong the service life of the decanter centrifuge and reduce the abrasion of the drum and spiral by the larger solid particles in the mud, a desilter cleaner is used. The sludge cleaner can separate solid particles above 20-40um. It paved the way for the separation of the centrifuge.

4. Large drum dehydration decanter centrifuge

The fourth stage of dehydration uses a decanter centrifuge. This stage is also the core part, because after a series of previous treatments, the solid particles have become very fine. Using a large drum dehydration centrifuge can separate solid particles above 20-5um. The parameter requirements of the final liquid phase are guaranteed. At the same time, in order to make the centrifuge treatment have the expected effect, a dosing device is usually added in the front section of the centrifuge feed port, so that the liquid phase after the desilting cleaner is mixed and flocculated with the agent before entering the centrifuge. The solid particles in the phase accumulate, making the centrifuge treatment effect even better.

Up to now, GN Solids Control has provided similar complete sets of equipment to many countries such as the United States, Singapore, Canada, etc. Customers have given positive affirmation to the effect and service life of the treatment.

If you have a need for mud dehydration treatment equipment or have any questions about mud treatment, you are welcome to call at any time.

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Oct 30

Recently, a three-phase decanter centrifuge from GN Solids Control was sold to African customers for the treatment of oily sludge. This three-phase decanter centrifuge is a solid, liquid, and liquid type three-phase decanter centrifuge. Its separation principle is based on the difference in the density of the mixture. The material port is discharged.

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of solids control equipment, GN Solids Control has been committed to the development and manufacturing of separation equipment for many years. GN Solids Control shale shaker, centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, disc centrifuge, stacked screw sludge dehydrator and other solid-liquid separation equipment. At present, GN Solids Control equipment has been used in many countries and regions around the world, designed in many industries and fields, and has been recognized by many customers around the world.

 2021.09.17 Tricanter Centrifuge

The centrifuge is the main equipment of GN Solids Control. The company has invested a lot of research and development funds. After years of continuous improvement, the GN Solids Control centrifuge has now become a very mature product. There are multiple types of classifications for different situations. Ensure the professionalism of the product. As a kind of precision fluid mechanics mechanical equipment, the centrifuge has very high requirements on the processing ability of the manufacturer. At the same time, the later maintenance of the equipment also requires a lot of attention. The supplement of grease for lubricating parts such as bearings should be used after the centrifuge is used. , Cleaning the inside of the equipment, these can greatly ensure the long-term stability of the equipment.

GN Solids Control is an enterprising and innovative R&D and manufacturing enterprise. Professionals from all walks of life are welcome to visit and guide.

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Oct 22

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of drilling solids control and drilling waste treatment equipment. After more than ten years of development, it has successfully established a deep foundation with many domestic drilling companies, oilfield companies and similar companies in many countries around the world. The cooperative relationship has been recognized by many customers. Recently, a batch of screw conveyors, screw pumps and other equipment independently produced by GN Solids Control were sent to a drilling waste disposal company in Africa.

Screw Conveyor

The GNSC series screw conveyor uses a rotating screw to push the conveyed material along the fixed casing to work, which can meet the conveying requirements of different working conditions and different materials. The length can be customized according to the customer’s on-site working conditions. GN Solids Control screw conveyor blades are made of wear-resistant thick manganese steel, which can be sprayed with wear-resistant coating to extend the service life. The bearing adopts the international famous brand NSK, which has stable operation and long life.


Screw feeding pump

The matching GNG30B-075V screw pump has a flow rate of 30m³/h, and the GNG10B-040V screw pump has a flow rate of 10m³/h. The GN Solids Control screw pump is an ideal equipment for supplying slurry to a decanter centrifuge, without shearing and stirring the slurry. GN Solids Control G series screw pump has fewer accessories, compatible structure, small size and easy maintenance. The rotor and stator are the vulnerable parts of the pump and are easy to replace. The stator is made of artificial rubber material, which is more conducive to conveying high-viscosity and hard suspended solid waste slurry.

Control cabinet

GN Solids Control designs and manufactures Exd series explosion-proof electrical control boxes, which can be filled with EU ATEX explosion-proof certification and international IEC Ex explosion-proof certification. GN Solids Control provides shells of different sizes and a variety of certified flameproof and positive pressure control cabinets to meet customer needs.

GN Solids Control can provide overall equipment technical solutions and solutions based on customer needs. Customers are welcome to inquire. please contact us in time if you need it.

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Oct 15

Recently, a set of sludge dewatering equipment produced by GN SOLIDS CONTROL has been put into operation in a customer factory in the Middle East. The equipment is operating in good condition and the customer is very satisfied. The system consists of a two-phase decanter centrifuge and a dosing device independently produced by GN SOLIDS CONTROL. The dosing device is used to mature the reaction agent and flocculate the material in order to enhance the separation effect of the centrifuge on the solid phase.

GN SOLIDS CONTROL is a professional solids control equipment manufacturing company. Its products are exported to many countries around the world. The decanter centrifuge is one of our core products. The centrifuge is independently developed and manufactured by GN. The centrifuge is coordinated with other equipment. , Such as Vertical Cutting Dryers/Shale Shaker/Screw Feeding Pump, have been applied in petroleum, chemical, food, sewage treatment and other fields, and have obtained quite good feedback. GN Decanter Centrifuge, classified according to the treatment effect, has three models. For clarification, drying and clarification and drying, GN can select suitable centrifuges for customers according to the different processing requirements of customers.


At the same time, no matter how good the mechanical equipment is, the professional maintenance of the equipment is inseparable from the customer. When the centrifuge is in use, there are some places that we need to pay attention to. Phase appears. Check whether the lubricating oil of the bearing or hydraulic oil station needs to be in good condition. After the centrifuge is used up, if it needs to be shut down for a long time, it is necessary to pump clean water and run the centrifuge before shutting down to remove the dirt in the centrifuge drum to avoid the drying and solidification of mud in the centrifuge drum to jam the equipment. Therefore, only in daily use, strictly follow the operating instructions to operate and maintain the centrifuge. In order to make it run more smoothly.

Please contact us in time if you need it.

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Sep 26

GN Solids Control also supplies various conveying pumps in the complete set of equipment, including screw pumps, submerged slurry pumps, sand pumps, and solid vacuum conveying pumps.

Among them, the solid vacuum pump is a new technology specially designed for conveying materials with high density, high solid content and good fluidity. Recently, GN Solids Control provided 2 sets of solid vacuum pumps to a European company. One GNSP40B is used for fixed-position transportation; one GNSP20B, this type of vacuum pump has a pulley at the bottom, which can be moved at will, and is used by customers for mobile use.

GN Solids Control vacuum pump is a pneumatic pump that uses air as its power source. It can be used to transport mine tailings, drilling waste, industrial slurry, chemical powder, construction aggregates, oil sludge, kitchen waste and other materials.


In solid transportation, screw conveyors are conventionally used for transportation, which has short transportation distance and high cost, which cannot be satisfied for long-distance transportation. The vacuum pump has a suction distance of 50 meters for clean water and a discharge distance of 1000 meters. It is of great significance for long-distance transportation.

The maximum processing capacity of GN vacuum pump is 40m³/h. If more processing capacity is needed, solid vacuum pumps can be used in parallel. A domestic Shanghai drilling mud company uses 4 GN Solids Control vacuum pumps in parallel, which greatly increases the processing capacity, thus satisfying On-site use requirements.

The reason why the vacuum pump can have a good effect and a longer head for solid transportation is that it can form a higher negative pressure and a positive pressure. GN Solids Control has specially designed two devices, a vacuum pump rotary discharge device and a vacuum pump buffer funnel, to relieve pressure and prevent the impact of the discharge of materials. So as to meet the customer’s requirements.

GN Solids Control mud treatment system also widely used in trenchless, piling, and shield tunneling projects. Please contact us in time if you need it.

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Sep 19

GN Solids Control is a supplier specializing in the production of mud treatment equipment. Since the establishment of the company for more than ten years, GN Solids Control’s mud treatment equipment has been sold to many domestic and foreign customers. Recently, the large-scale mud-water separation decanter centrifuge system manufactured by GN Solids Control has completed the conditions for delivery of tools and will be sent to a domestic tunnel engineering company for use.

GN’s mud treatment system is a mud system specially developed for the fine separation of mud in shield engineering. This system can minimize the specific gravity of mud. When used with the flocculation dosing system, the mud can achieve environmentally friendly discharge standards.

1. Decanter centrifuge GNLW764A-VFD

GN specializes in the design of centrifuges based on the customer’s specific mud conditions and usage requirements, with high-quality material selection and cutting-edge processing and testing equipment, which greatly improves the trial performance of the centrifuge. GN Solids Control can manufacture various types of centrifuges with a transfer diameter of 220mm-760mm, with a length-to-diameter ratio of 4.2 and a separation factor of up to 3000G. The decanter centrifuge GNLW764A-VFD is made of 2304 bidirectional stainless steel centrifugal casting with superior wear resistance. The screw pusher adopts cemented carbide sheet inlay technology, which increases the wear resistance and is more convenient for maintenance. This centrifuge is equipped with a lubricating oil circulation workstation, which can meet the needs of continuous work. At the same time, in order to ensure the stable operation of the centrifuge, we use internationally renowned brand screw pumps to supply the equipment to ensure a constant flow rate.


2. Chemical dosing system: GNDW-6000L

The GN flocculation dosing system is mainly used to automatically configure chemical flocculants, coagulants or demulsifiers, and is used to assist the decanter centrifuge to separate finer particles, so as to realize the reuse or discharge of clean water. The GNDW-6000L dosing system is made of 304 stainless steel as a whole, and the three-box design meets the maturation and mixing process of the medicament, and continues to provide medicament for the decanter centrifuge during operation.

GN Solids Control mud treatment system is widely used in trenchless, piling, and shield tunneling projects. Please contact us in time if you need it.

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Sep 10

GN Solids Control is a manufacturer of solids control and waste disposal equipment. After more than 10 years of continuous innovation and development, GN Solids Control has become a well-known brand in the domestic solids control equipment industry.

GN Solids Control‘s continuous pursuit of equipment quality and performance is an important reason why customers at home and abroad increasingly prefer to choose GN. In August 2021, the GN solids control centrifuge was successfully used in South American drilling rigs. This time we provided centrifuges and screw pumps to customers. The specific models and introductions are as follows:


1. Decanter centrifuge GNLW363C-VFD

Centrifuge is widely used in drilling fluid control and barite recovery. The price of drilling fluid is very expensive, because it usually needs to add chemicals to make it have a certain specific gravity and viscosity before it can be reused, so it is very important to recover more drilling fluid. The GN centrifuge processes the drilling fluid under the action of high rotation speed and high gravity, so that the drilling fluid is separated from the solid and liquid, and more drilling fluid is recovered, and at the same time, the useless solid phase is separated, which saves a lot of cost and improves efficiency.

GN Solids Control drilling fluid centrifuges are available in a variety of sizes, including 14 inches, 18 inches and 22 inches. The decanter centrifuge GNLW363C-VFD provided this time is one of the most popular centrifuge series products, and many units have been sold at home and abroad. The conventional solids control system is equipped with two centrifuges, namely a medium-speed centrifuge and a high-speed centrifuge, while the GNLW363C-VFD centrifuge of GN Solids Control is a high-speed centrifuge with good treatment effects and good economic benefits, and is well received by customers.

2. GN screw pump GNG30-075B

GN company generally chooses screw pumps in the selection of liquid feed pumps for decanter centrifuges. Because the screw pump can control the liquid supply flow and can record the liquid supply. The flow range of the screw pump can be adjusted according to customer needs.

GN Solids Control has always been committed to providing customers with cost-effective solutions. If customers have any needs, they can contact us at any time.

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