Solid-Bowl Centrifuge Decanter

GN make Solids Bowl centrifuge decanter for drilling mud separation.And we also supply a comprehensive series solids bowl centrifuge decanter from our partners for Mobile Sludge Dewatering Unit and Whole Sludge Dewatering Unit

Solid Bowl centrifuge Decanter is the machine of separating suspending liquid on centrifugal sedimentation. With the centrifuge, it is possible to separate the particle from suspending liquid, whose equivalent diameter is bigger than 0.003mm,solid-liquid weight ratio is less than 10%, volume ratio is less than 70%, difference in specific gravity is

Solid bowl decanter centrifuge

Solid bowl decanter centrifugebigger than 0.05g/cm3.

XT Partner for Solid-Bowl Centrifuge Decanter

LW solid bowl centrifuge decanter Series are a kind of horizontal solid-bowl scroll discharge sedimenting centrifuge. They can be continuously operated and can perform feeding, separating, washing and discharging in sequence at their full-speed running. Their advantages are: compact structure, continuous operation, stable performance, fine adaptability, large capacity and easy maintenance. They are suitable for separating the materials with their solid density larger than their liquid density, that is, the suspension with solid phase particle size of more than 0.005mm and with the concentration of 2-40%. They are suitable for chemical industry industry, light industry, pharmacy and food industry as well as environment protection

Partners Solid-Bowl Centrifuge Decanter

Meanwhile, we can offer tailor-made centrifuge for the customer’s special requirements and offer the test on the spot by Mobile Sludge Dewatering Units. Of course, you are also welcomed to our institute. In the past few years, by cooperating with foreign company, we have developed decanter whose length- diameter ratio is bigger than 4.Due to increasing the length of the sedimentation zone and staying time, so separating efficiency is very obvious-(These productions have been exported to America, Germany, France and other countries for some years)With the help of our experience in solid bowl decanter centrifuge, we have developed the Mobile Sludge Dewatering Unit and Whole Sludge Dewatering Unit, which fill up vacancy in this field for the first time in China.

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