Oilfield Centrifugal Pump for drilling

Centrifugal pump is also called sand pump,GN Solids Control supply centrifugal pump from our China factory.Get centrifugal pump at Best price,Fast service.

oilfield centrifugal pump

oilfield centrifugal pump

Get centrifugal pump tech specs here:Sand pump
Definition of centrifugal pump
Machine for moving fluid by spinning it using a rotating impeller in a casing with a central inlet and a tangential

Note of Centrifugal pump:

NOTE The path of the fluid is an increasing spiral from the inlet at the centre to the outlet, tangent to the impeller annulus.
In the annular space between the impeller vane tips and the casing wall, the fluid velocity is roughly the same as that of
the impeller vane tips. Useful work is produced by the pump when some of the spinning fluid flows out of the casing
tangential outlet into the pipe system. Power from the motor is used to accelerate the fluid entering the inlet up to the
speed of the fluid in the annulus. Some of the motor power is expended as friction of the fluid in the casing and impeller.

These centifugal pumps are developed and fabricated  as supporting pumps based on requirement of transferring oil & gas drilling fluid. Centrifugal pump adopt the axial sucking structure and all the hydraulic components are wear proof cast iron, which is suitable for delivering the corrosive liquids with suspended particles in well drilling. Its quality is accepted by Weatherford and assembling dimension is same to Mission centrifugal pump.

SB centrifugal pumps are characteristic of abrasion resistance, smooth and stable running, reliable sealing, long service life and convenient maintenance.  Those pumps have been used for land and offshore drilling platforms in more than 20 countries over the world.

Clockwise pumps and anti-clockwise pumps are available.

Mechanical seal and compound seal are available. The compound seal adopts auxiliary impeller, special oil seal and packing seal. Main seal of mechanical  seal is mechanical seal with a long service life, auxiliary seal of machine seal is packing seal to prevent occurrence of accidents.
Shaft seals are lubricated with grease and bearings are lubricated with machine oil and grease  Since bearing covers at two ends of bearings are equipped with grease injectors.

Both inlet flanges and outlet flanges for centrifugal pump are with two series standard dimensions.

Centrifugal pump are widely used in oilfield drilling equipments and drilling mud equipments like shale shakers,desanders desilters etc.Top China  Centrifugal Pump company for drilling mud,welcome to consult us for centrifugal pump for oilfield drilling projects.We supply centrifugal pump worldwide.

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