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Drilling fluids circulaion system is also Called solids control system,Drilling fluids processing system.GN is a China based drilling fluids Drilling fluids circulation system manufacturer

Drilling fluid is classified as water base utilizing water as the liquid phase. The solid phase of any drilling fluid is either commercial solids or drilled solids. Most commercial solids such as bentonite have a relative particle size of less than one micron. (.000039 inches).

Drilled solids are those particles that enter the mud system in the form of cuttings from the bit or back reamer or from borehole debris. These solids vary in size from less than one micron & larger depending on the carrying capabilities of the drilling fluid. Note that spindle speed and the amount of push or pull force require to drill play an important factor on the particle size of the cuttings.
One of the most important objectives in solids control is to remove as many of the large particles as is practical the first time that these solids are pumped out of the borehole. This requires properly designed and installed solids removal mechanical treating equipment sized to process a minimum of 100% up to 125% of the mud circulation rate. Solids that are not removed during the first circulation through the surface equipment are subjected to mechanical degradation by the drill bit, reamers and mud pumps during each circulation cycle until they are too fine for removal by mechanical means.
In order to evaluate the removal capabilities of the various pieces of mechanical treating equipment, it is necessary to consider the source of the solids and classify them according to the following sizes:
440 microns or larger   large drilled solids (*cuttings) By Shale Shaker
74 to 440 microns sand   Be separated by Desander in drilling fluids circulation
2 to 74 microns  silt       Be separated by Desilter in drilling fluids circulation
0.5 to 2 microns clay     Be separated by decanting Centrifuge in drilling fluids circulation
0.5 microns & smaller  colloids

Note:  ( .001 inches = 25.4 microns so 1” = 25,400 microns )

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