Supply Oilfield Decanter centrifuge with speed types

GN Solids Control design and manufacture Oilfield Decanter centrifuge with different speed types.

In oilfield drilling mud separation,The larger the centrifugal force, the finer the separated solids, so three types of speed decanter centrifuge can get according to separating factor.

oilfield decanter centrifuge

oilfield decanter centrifuge

a)     Low-speed oilfield decanter centrifuge: it is also called “barite recovery” centrifuge. Its separating factor is 500~700. To low-density solids, its separating point is 6~10μm. To high-density solids, its separating point is 4~7μm. This kind of centrifuge can be used for recovering barite.

b)    Medium-speed oilfield decanter centrifuge: its separating factor is 800 or so, solids of 5~7μm can be separated, so harmful solids can be separated from the mud, so that gravity and viscosity of the mud can be controlled. Most drill team will choose this kind of centrifuge at present.

c)High-speed oilfield decanter centrifuge: its separating factor is 1200~2100 or so, separating point is 2~5μm, it can remove harmful solids, control mud viscosity, it is usually connected with low speed centrifuge to make up a dual centrifuge system(See figure 3). In the system, low-speed centrifuge is installed at the first grade, barite separated
from it is discharged into mud tank to be recovered, liquid is drained into a surge drum first, and then be sent by a pump to high-speed centrifuge; the solid separated from high-speed centrifuge will be discharged out of the tank and the liquid is back to recirculation system. “Dual centrifuge system” can remove

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