Cutting dryer decanter centrifuge in Venezuela

GN decanter centrifuges are widely used in complete drilling fluids recycling system, work together with cutting dryer. Such drilling fluids circulation system is widely used in Venezuela and other South American countries.

 Venezuela’s proven oil reserves are among the top ten in the world. Today, Venezuela is the fifth largest oil exporting country in the world with the second-largest reserves of heavy crude oil (after Canada).

drilling fluids decanter centrifuge

drilling fluids decanter centrifuge

 There is big demand of oilfield drilling mud system/solids control system in Venezuela. Before they mainly purchased the drilling mud system from USA . But now more and more clients realize that they can purchase rig packages from China, although the delivery time and transportation will be longer and complicated, they can save a considerable drilling cost.

A complete drilling fluids circulation system including shale shaker, mud cleaner( or separate desander, desilter), screw conveyer , Cutting dryer, recycling mud tank, decanter centrifuge(with feeding pump), drilling mud reserve tank/storage tank, etc.

After processed by cutting dryer, the large drilling cuttings have been separated out, the drilling fluids flows to recycling tank or to decanter centrifuge through screw pump. Since decanter centrifuge has higher separation factor than cutting dryer, it can separate fine particles from the drilling fluids and recycling barite to keep the drilling fluids balance.

GN decanter centrifuge features:

1  Stainless steel cover    

2 Atex standard electric control panel            
3, FAG Bearing
4, Eletrical Components: SIEMENS/Schneider/ CHINT
5, Screw propeller & Solids Discharge SS304 coated with Tungsten Carbon Alloy Material Ring (High Abrasion-Resistant Material)

GN can produce the complete drilling fluids recycling system, including shale shaker, mud cleaner, cutting dryer, mud tank, decanter centrifuge, if you need a complete and economic solutions, pls contact GN solids control.

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