Derrick shale shaker VS Future GN shaker

Derrick shale shakers are very famous and popular around the world for their effective functions.GN Solids Control are planing to introduce a new technology shale shaker from a China leading petroleum universtity.From the words of the professor,he is looking forward to seeing the shakers competition of his design and Derrick shale shaker over oilfield real test.This drilling fluids shale shaker professor has been doing research in this field for over 20 years.He has ever designed many types of effective shale shakers.GN Solids Control technology team have discussed with the shale shaker professor.We will get into further discussion after China national day.GN Solids Control believe in technology breaking the market.

Learn more about GN present shale shakers
And we are looking forward to seeing our success in purchasing and utilizing China leading petroleum universities shale shakers technology.

Derrick company introduction:

For over a half a century Derrick has been leading the way in the design and manufacture of fine screening equipment and screen surface technology used to address the specific demands of the MINING & INDUSTRIAL, OIL & GAS DRILLING and CIVIL & UNDERGROUND industries. Quality, innovation and reliability are our pledge today and for the future.

Derrick shale shaker models:

Dual Pool 600 Series
Flo-Line® Cleaner 513 and 514 shale shaker
Flo-Line® Cleaner 503 and 504 shale shaker
Flo-Line® Cleaner 2000
Flo-Line® Cleaner Plus
More about Derrick shale shakers:
The FLC 500 Series upgrade kit retrofits any Derrick Flo-Line Cleaner, FLC Plus, and FLC 2000 shakers to the FLC 503 configuration. The kit consists of a complete replacement screen frame including vibrator motors and float mounts. The screen frame is designed to maintain structural integrity at the higher Gs of the Super G motors. Derrick’s patented single-side tensioning system, which permits screen panel replacement in less than one minute per panel, is included on the new screen frame.

Two Derrick Super G vibrator motors produce the high G, linear motion that powers the screen frame. These motors feature permanently lubricated, sealed bearings and are designed for maintenance-free operation. The motors transmit vibratory motion directly to the screen surface for optimum solids conveyance and maximum capacity.

The FLC 500 upgrade kit permits use of Derrick’s full line of patented three-dimensional Pyramid and Pyramid Plus screens. Field test have shown that the combination of Super G motors and Pyramid screens have increased shaker capacities by more than 150 percent.

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