Drilling Cuttings Screw Conveyors

We are looking for Drilling Cuttings Screw Conveyors partner,since we are solids control system manufacturer.When designing a total mud system,we need to integrate drilling cuttings screw conveyors.

  1. Drilling Cuttings Screw Conveyors (Augers)

1 x ±24ft screw type cutting conveyor fitted with independent electrical motor and with sensor capable to stop the engine if any alien body is engaged into the screw.

Conveyor should be calculated to absorb overflow of cuttings when drilling 26” or 17” hole (1000gpm flow rate).

1 x ±36ft screw type cutting conveyor as above.Which are used before the drilling mud shale shakers.

We only work with manufacturer for drilling type cuttings converor,if you are interested,please send your info. to info@gnsolidscontrol.com.

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