Barite Recovery decanting centrifuge

Barite Recovery decanting centrifuge is for drilling mud solids control.GN manufacture complete line of decanting centrifuge for Barite recovery.

High speed decanter centrifuges  of 3200r/min  and variable speed Barite decanting centrifuge are available)

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Inquiry for Barite recovery centrifuge from Indonesia Client:

Barite Recovery Centrifuge

Barite Recovery Centrifuge

–    Fully hydraulic driven Barite Recovery Centrifuge(GN centrifuge are electric driven,Hydraulic driven barite recovery centrifuge is unavailable) , with minimum 19” bowl x 70 length. Capable to run at minimum from 0 to 2800 rpm without changing any pulley. Driven by explosion proof electric motor. Completed with a variable speed positive displacement supply submersible slurry pump, automatic safety shutdown if under excessive torque, scroll and bowl anti-plugging device, and emergency stop for safe operation
–    G-Force at max speed : 2,060 G’s
–    Capable to process 200 GPM at 9.0 PPG fluid
–    C/ W Centrifuge stand and Feed pump
–    Dual mode centrifuge for barite recovery and solids control.

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