Supply drilling mud management decanter Centrifuge

We manufacture drilling mud management decanter centrifuge including any speed of decanter centrifuge,high speed

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge

decanter centrifuge,low speed decanter centrifuge.

More over,we can design and manufacture a whole drilling mud management system.With the most suitable decanter centrifuge.

Because there are such a variety of both standard and unique applications, choosing the correct decanter centrifuge is often more of an art than an exact science. Determining the correct machine style and model size requires a thorough understanding of the application and very often sample testing. The more a customer knows about their process and the results desired, the more helpful it is. And when a customer calls or e-mails, we would initially focus on determining the following:

  • Description of the liquid phase and the solid phase for the drilling mud management system.
  • Total liquid volume of the system and amount of available process time and / or required process flow rate
  • Quality of required liquid phase / phases – targeted concentration of impurities
  • Amount of solids that need to be removed from the given liquid volume
  • Targeted dryness of the solids
  • What the customer wants to achieve

Decanter centrifuge in the drilling mud management system are used after the mud Cleaner.As we know the first stage we use shale shaker,and the second,we use mud cleaner.For some drilling mud management system ,we also use vacuum degasser.

From this simple calculation we can often quickly determine which style of liquid / solid separation is most applicable for the application. A further simple lab decanter centrifuge test determines the most appropriate type of decanter centrifuge, whether it fits the customers thinking, and if it is within the expected customer budget.

Supply most effective drilling mud management system decanter Centrifuge from our own China factory.

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