VFD Decanter centrifuge for sale

GN solids control have VFD decanter centrifuge for sale. Welcome to inquiry us for drilling fluids decanter centrifuge GLW-V-355x1250N .

decanter centrifuge for sale

decanter centrifuge for sale

GN decanter centrifuge mainly used for drilling fluids processing, barite recovery, drilling waste treatment, mud weighted, etc projects. We also produce related equipments fitted for the centrifuge, to be assembly as a complete drilling mud processing system, including mud tank, mud agitator, mud mixer, shale shaker, etc.

Safety Device of GLW-V-355x1250N decanter centrifuge

  1. Anti-overload

The device protects the Compensating gear from torque overload, which is installed in the outside end of the Compensating gear. The torque of gear is limited with a spring clutch by which power can be imputed. While overload cuts off spring clutch with driving shaft, the face of spring move the gland down to outside for 6mm and the stroke faucet switch on to switch off the power of main motor and fluid supply pump.

  1. Electric interlock device (only dual motor driving system)

In the dual motor driving system without inverter speed-adjustable device, the correct program for starting a centrifuge is:

1)        Firstly start the auxiliary motor.

2)        After thirty second, the main motor allows to be started.

The correct program for stopping a centrifuge is as follow:

1)        Firstly stop the main motor.

2)        After ten minutes, the electric interlock device will automatically switch the power of the auxiliary motor.

With the electric interlock device, the correct program can be automatically carried out and unexpected result from wrong operation can be avoided.

GLW-V-355x1250N Advantages:

  1. width rotary speed to satisfy technical requirement;
  2. Smooth and silence when start;
  3. Small start electrical current is safe to power supply system;
  4. Save power more thirty percent than conventional centrifuge;
  5. Operation of modulating speed is simple and various speed can be got;
  6. Quickly show system. The digital rotary speed of centrifuge can be controlled accurately and shown on LCD screen.

For more information about GN VFD decanter centrifuge, pls contact us freely.

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