Oilfield Industrial decanter centrifuge manufacturer

Industrial decanter centrifuges are wildely used In oilfield drilling fluids solids control systems.It is used after the mud cleaner or desander desilter for seprating drilling cuttings.We are A China based oilfield industrial decanter centrifuge manufacturer.

oilfield decanter centrifuge

oilfield decanter centrifuge

How Does An Oilfield Industrial decanter Centrifuge Work?

A decanter centrifuge works by spinning a vessel containing the material to be separated at high speed. It is very much like the rides at the fairground that rotate. You have to lean towards the center to overcome the force caused by the rotation. In fact, some rides are designed specifically to press your body against a back support. The decanter centrifuge spins at very high speeds and pushes the ‘heavy phase’, usually the solids, to the outside of the vessel, just as you would see in the clear flask standing on the bench top.

What Is The Oilfield decanter Centrifuge Process?

In the drilling mud purification system,If you take a sample of the liquid / solid mixture in a clear flask and you observe that there is a separation of the two phases with time, the separation is caused by the force of gravity. The oilfield decanter centrifuge process speeds up the process by increasing the force of gravity 1000 to 4000 times, depending on the solids control equipment. The result is that a process that can take 1-12 hours in a flask is achieved in seconds using centrifugation.,

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