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“in the last 18 months alone theirs been 12, 100/150 ton rigs sold, and not one customer has purchased a recycling system, this is where we want to target both, here the drilling rig mud recycling system needs to be changed slightly”, a client said so. It tells the truth, Only hundreds of rigs are sold, but no mud recycling system were paid more attention, people should consider more factors of environment protection, and recycle the used mud and clean them, so they can be used again for the drilling rig.

GN200gpm mud recycling system has been approved by many HDD clients, with proper treating capacity and small land required, the complete sketch is suitable for a 40 feet container, economic in transportation and easy removed. With all these advantages, it has been the most favorate mud recycling system this year, it can handle all the treating capacity requirement smaller or equal to 200gpm. For larger treating capacity, we have GN400gpm, GN500gpm, GN1000gpm, GN1400gpm for your choice.

GN200 GPM Mud System

GN200 GPM Mud System

Recently we are studying the mobile mud recycling system(portable mud tank) with a trailor, you do not need to remove any equipments but only need a.headstock to transport it from one site to another, it is very convenient. Just like Kem-tron. We are going to public the new designed mobile mud system in 11th CIPPE, and would like to learn from the client’s suggestion to improve it. We have a strong R&D team, they focus on how to improve the technique, and study new equipments, at present, we have already more than 10 models shale shaker available, linear motion , BEM shaker, single deck or double deck, 3 screen panels or 4 screen panels, various treating capacity, even long vibrating motor or short vibrating motor, you have most choice in GN.

A portable drilling mud system includes a mud tank mounted on an over-the-road semi-trailer having an engine driven circulating pump mounted onboard and adapted to withdraw mud from the tank for circulation to the well and for recirculation through a set of mud agitating nozzles disposed in the bottom of the tank. A mud degassing vessel, a solids separator unit and an additive blending unit are all mounted above the tank. The degassing vessel is supported by hydraulic cylinder actuators for movement between a retracted transport position and a vertically elevated working position.

Mobile mud systems are designed with a wheeled undercarriage that allows improved maneuverability for all drilling rig components. GN mobile systems reduce drilling rig-up, down time, and help customers reduce drilling costs.

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  1. 1. Erasmo Herrera Says:

    Can you build a mobile tank, 50 to100 bbl tank with a variable speed centrifuge on top. No shakers or mud cleaner needed. Do need the pumps to feed the centrifuge and to transfer the clean fluid back to the system. Cost?

  2. 2. kent Malcomson Says:

    Can you send me prices on the differnt systems you have.


  3. 3. daren Says:

    can you send prices on the mud recycling products please.

  4. 4. yusuf Bolakar Says:

    Dear Sir I am lookıng bobil drıllıng rih 500-600 HP double ram drawworks

  5. 5. Csaba Horvath Says:

    Dear Madam / Sir

    Can you send some pictures regarding to portable mud tank system.

    Csaba Horvath

  6. 6. Bakshi Says:

    Kindly, give us Details for 500 Gpm mud cleaning system along with your ‘Price’ & ‘Delivery Time’.

    Ph No:
    +91 9811669988

  7. 7. Sanford Leddon Says:

    Recycling is of course very necessary to help our environment. ;

    <a href="Look into our very own blog too

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