truck mounted mud system

For HDD(Horizontal Directional Drilling),People sometimes uses Truck mounted drilling mud system for recycling drilling mud while drilling.The trenchless drilling mud system is usually very portable with small treating capacity,but very convenient for moving.

Inquiry for truck mounted drilling mud system shaker.

Truckmounted mud system

Truckmounted mud system

I’m assembling a drilling support vehicle (truck with mud system)  here and plan to install a mud shale shaker on the truck. This is for geothermal drilling. The advice I am getting from our polymer specialist is that for our typical geologies here in UK ( clays and shales ) the cuttings can be removed – if using a fine enough screen – directly by the shale shaker. ( i.e. the polymer ecapsulates the cuttings and we do not plan to use a de-sanding(desander) or de-silting (desilter) cyclones above the shaker ).
For the truck mounted mud system a shale shaker is being proposed to us with a high capacity is fitted with 5 screens. So although our flow is only 40 m3/hr ( 170 GPM) but the shaker nominal treating capacity  is 3 or 4 times higher.
This approach interests me but I think that the shale shaker which may be proposed to me will be more than my budget. I am interested in your equipment for truck mounted drilling mud system and I would be most grateful if you would advise me of:
  • price and delivery for a ZS model shale shaker : ZS63x125x3
  • style and shape of the shale shaker screens
It is out plan to equip a few mud trucks in the coming 2 years, but first we have to get one good system working and I am intersted to know more about your shakers.

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