mud recycling system for hdd boring

Mud recycling system is important in hdd boring,  how mud travels in hdd no dig system, is always a problem people may ask. And then, we concern what GN Solids Control can supply, and who all over the world have chosen GN.

How mud travels in hdd no dig system

The mud is born clean, it was mixed by bentonite and some chemical mixtures, then stored by a tank. Ready to go to the hdd no dig system. Then it was pumped to the pipe and to boring the hole, later it was bring back by the pipe to a storage tank with all the hdd no dig mud recycling systemcuttings rocks and sands.
The mud recycling is needed now, the drilling mud with sands and drilling cuttings are pumped to the system, then the cleaned mud return to the pipe.
The mud recycling is usually including shale shaker, mud cleaner, or desander and desilter instead, sometimes decanter centrifuge is also needed. The drilling mud flow through the shale shaker, desander cones, desilter cones, then the decanting centrifuge.

All units within the range use two processes when cleaning mud to ensure the drilling fluid can be recycled and used to the efficiency of the first time it is pumped down the hole.

The first process is with the use of a shaker screen. When the mud is drawn from the hole it is first discharged onto a fine mesh, which constantly moves from side to side spreading the mixture across it. This allow the drilling fluid to fall through whilst larger items such as rocks and cutting remain on the mesh until they are shaken off its bottom edge and removed from the system.

The second process starts as the drilling fluid falls from the first mesh into the reservoir tank. The specially designed sloped tank causes a swell in the water, causing some sediment to drop and get caught in the sand traps, whilst the remaining fluid cascades over the dividing wall from where it is pumped into the desander cones. Under correct pressure and flow the cones remove as much sand as possible before discharging the sand onto a much finer shaker screen, where again anything larger then the fluid itself stays in the screen and is removed from the system, whilst the drilling fluid falls through this and the original screen back into the reservoir tank.

What GN Supply for HDD no dig system

GN Solids Control is a professional company of mud recycling for hdd no dig equipment.GN can supply all kinds of shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and so on.

HDD Companies All Over the World Chose GN

GN Solids Control is very professional at mud recycling system of hdd, just a few days ago, a Korean customer buy one from us, and you can see it in our company news GN 400GPM Complete Mud Recycler to Korea, there are even more supprises.
No dig mud recycling equipment to Korea HDD contractor
No dig mud recycling equipments have finished well and prepared to be delivered to Busan, Korea.
The whole no dig mud recycling equipments is designed for this client specially including GNZJ83-2 mud cleaner, portable SLH150-30 Jet mud mixer, Mud tank, SB5x4-13 Sand pumps and separated shale shaker GNZS83-2. The Korean HDD contractor uses the equipments for their HDD contract.
Vermeer HDD rig mud recycling system to Indonesia

An Indonesia HDD (Horizontal directional drilling) contractor purchased a complete  HDD rig mud recycling system for their Vermeer HDD rig.Now the drilling mud recycling system is ready for delivery in GN China factory.

The Indonesia Customer visited us for  inspection,and they are satisfied with our mud recycling system for them,and also ordered Two additional submersible slurry pumps for their drilling application.

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