GN patent linear motion shale shaker

GN designed a new patent linear motion shale shaker, GNZS70-3B. It is designed to replace the previous model GNZS70-3 shale shaker, which is found not so economic and practical before.

 Specification of GNZS70-3B shale shaker

1 Vibrating mode: Linear motion

2 Single deck shaker with 3 screen panels

shale shaker

shale shaker

3 Quick lock( wedge technology operation), which enables screen panel replacement in less than one minute. In drilling site operation, time is more important than money, so easy operation of screen replacement is necessary. It enables for an easy ratchet-type installation of the wedges, which eliminates hammer damage to the screens, as well as the paint on the sidewall of the shaker basket. You do not need any tensioning bolts or system, which can provide a small parts inventory, thus enabling cost savings to be realized.

4 Adjustable while drilling (AWD) mechanism enable faster and easier deck angle changes., adjusment from1 degree down hill to .5 degree up hill.

5 Weir height: Until now we still can not provide operational weir height, the weir height of previous model is 900mm, and for the new designed model is 750mm.

6 Available screen types, PWP(flat panel) and PMD(pyramid screen)

7 Available screen area: 29.6m2

8 Feeding method: optional from back or from top tank

9 Treating capacity: 600gpm

10 Vibrating motor: Italy Oli brand vibrating motor, explosion proof, 220V/380V 50HZ or 230V/460V, 60HZ, 3phase, protection class IP55.

11 With standard screen underflow sump

12 High G force, max 7.5G, and it is adjustable

13 All the link bolts are SS304 material

14 ISO and API certified

15 Electric components:SIEMENS/Schneider

16 Coating & Painting:(Kansai & Cosco)Japan Brand epoxy zinc-rich anticorrosive paint

Compare with Derrick FLC503 shale shaker, GNZS70-3B has unique advantages, such as , no tensioning bolts, use wedge instead, more reasonable screen area design, it is suitable for oil drilling mud tank installation.

We also have other new designed models suited for oil& gas drilling, HDD mud tank system, for more information, pls contact GN solids control. We will take our new patent BEM shaker to 11th CIPPE held in Beijing, China, welcome to visit us in the show.

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