Linear Motion Shale Shaker

We manufacture linear motion shale shaker for drilling fluids solids control,

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Linear Motion Shale Shaker is mainly used for the first phase drilling liquid purification. The shale shaker uses two motors vibrate in-phase for separation. The electric vibrator and the electric equipment in the electric control system are importedexplosion proof appliances. The screen area is big, the capacity high and the screening efficiency high. The linear motion shale shaker track quickens the discard and improves screen efficiency. The basket can be adjusted to different angles tocope with different environments and drilling liquid conditions. The screen is durable and easy to install and maintain.
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Linear motion shale shaker

Linear motion shale shakerChina manufacturer GN Solids Control offer the world with drilling mud shale shaker equipments.We are an exporter of drilling fluid shale shaker for Indian, Russian,middle east.etc.Oilfield Company of the United States and

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Century Int’l Oilfield Equipments LLC of the United Arab Emirates etc.choose us as supplier.Our factory and company are Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000 certified.GN solids control operate international oil gas drilling mud separation system sales,service,manufacturing,distribution serivce.Buy Linear motion shale shaker from China manufacturer.Your best linear motion shale shaker deal starts here.

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