Various pumps for different application in drilling mud system

Pumps are mainly for transferring functions in drilling mud system. It is joint for different parts of mud system; the whole drilling mud system can be one unit only with help from various pumps. GN Solids Control is professional drilling mud system manufacturer, and also various pumps supplier, like centrifugal pumps / sand pump, shear pumps, submersible slurry pump / vertical slurry pumps / screw pumps, mud pump excluded. Mud pump is transferring drilling mud back to rig, require much high pressure. Generally, mud pump is offered by professional mud pump supplier, not solids control equipment supplier.

various pumps


GN Centrifugal pumps/sand pumps

1) This pump can be used for feeding mud cleaner with desander cones and desilter cones. This pump can work as mixing pump for mixing hopper, or transferring pump to transfer drilling mud to next tank. This pump can also work as charge pump to feeding mud pump at beginning or charging wellhead for small rigs with shallow drilling.

2) GN centrifugal pump is replacement for USA brand pumps, like NOV brandt mission pump, mission magnum pump, mission 2205pump.

 GN shear pump

1) This pump can work for shear the big chemical particles before mixing. The performance is perfect for oil drilling chemicals mixing.

2) GN shear pump is replacement for USA/Europe brand shear pumps.

 GN Submersible slurry pump

1) This pump is mainly used for transferring drilling mud from mud pit to drilling mud system; generally the outlet of slurry pump will be connected to shale shaker directly.

2) This vertical slurry pump can be put on mud pit beams for installation, and can be working without feeding for some time.

 GN screw pump

1) GN screw pump can be working for feeding decanter centrifuge. And can also feeding clean water for flushing use.

2) GN screw pump is source from Germany brand Netzsch pump, with good performance and reasonable price.

Besides, GN can fabricate the entire electrical control panel for various pumps, including star-delta starting panel, direct starting, and soft starting per the voltage. Pls contact GN Solids Control for more information. THANKS for reading.

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