Skid mounted waste management total solution

Oil price is going down from end of 2014, many drilling rigs stop to drill, thus lead to the equipment suppliers go down of the sales amount, like rig companies, solids control companies, pipes, drill bits etc. However, the drilling waste management field is still strong. We have to support our company with drilling waste management equipment sales this year and also extended to other fields, like horizontal directional drilling, core drilling, mine drilling, diamond drilling etc.

Recently, we just finish one set skid mounted waste management total solution for on line drilling waste management, water based mud. The customer use the Hi-G dryer and centrifuge system to treat the drilling cuttings discharged from shale shakers and recover the useful water based mud and reduce the impact on the environment.

hi G dryer and centrifuge system

1) Hi-G dryer and centrifuge system

This system including one set skid mounted mud tank, one set Hi-G dryer shaker and one set high speed decanter centrifuge.

The Hi-G dryer with hopper headbox can collect the drilling cuttings from shaker. The transfer can be down via two sets or three sets screw conveyors. After that, the Hi-G dryer shaker separate the big particles and let the fine drilling mud go down to the tank. There is agitator in the tank to avoid big solids settle down and water may also added to dilute the drilling mud and make it easier to treat by high speed centrifuge.

After that, the drilling mud will be pumped to centrifuge via screw pump. The high speed decanter centrifuge with maximum operation speed 3200rpm can separate fine solids with 2 to 5 microns. Then, the drilling mud can go back to active drilling mud tank for reuse. The cuttings after treatment can go to TUD for final treatment or buried directly if without harmful chemicals.

2) desander system for small drilling rigs

For diamond drilling, mining, core drilling field, they generally use small rigs, not like oil & gas drilling with big horsepower drilling rig. In this case, they no need to have big and complete solids control system, but small desander system / mud plant system is also useful and necessary for their rigs.

If you need some equipment, pls contact GN Solids Control.

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