USA Solids Control Composition and introduce

USA Solids Control by a group of cyclone shaker and a breakdown of the composition of the upper part of the cyclone, the lower part of the shaker. 100mm from the group consisting of a cyclone swirler. Mainly used to deal with increased drilling, recycling barite; heavier drilling fluids can also be used for non-recovery of precious liquid. While the slurry process is merely a stirrer cyclone underflow material, not all the drilling fluid flow, the cleaner will shaker occurrence of clogging tendency, the following approach may be using to prevent and overcome.

Mud cleaner features:1 structure compact, and operation maintenance simple, and installed overhaul convenient, and using life long; 2 impeller has best of hydraulic design structure, efficiency high, Hou swept type leaves has since clean features, can anti-debris winding, and Jam; 3 and aeration gas system mixed using can makes energy significantly reduced, filling oxygen volume obviously improve, effective prevent precipitation; 4 motor winding insulated grade f level, protection grade for IP68, in sewage factory of aeration gas system in the tie using, can makes system energy greatly reduced, and filling oxygen volume obviously improve, Can effectively prevent sedimentation. According to technological requirements, direct coupled submersible mixer can be equipped with a shroud. 5 mechanical seals using high quality bearings and electrical device against condensation, and makes the motor work safe; 6 mixing series selection of multi-motor, used straight-type structure, low energy consumption and high efficiency; by casting or stamping of the impeller, high precision, thrust, smooth appearance, compact structure. To shop for Solids Control, click this link.

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