Security Equipment in solids control system

For earth surface engineering,  the contractor no need to consider about combustible gas or explosive gas, like HDD no-dig engineering, piling engineering, tunneling engineering, waterway dredging engineering. But for deep drilling engineering, like oil & gas drilling, Coal bed methane drilling, shale gas drilling, all the motor and control panel should be ex-proof standard. The standard should also separately as per different geological conditions. Some security equipment is also necessary.

1) Mud Gas Separator ( poor boy degasser) — security equipment in solids control system for deep drilling

When gas cuttings happened to drilling fluid, the gravity and viscosity of drilling mud will be changed a lot and cannot satisfy the requirement for drilling, even lead to kick or blowout accident. The mud gas separator , made of high quality material , can be used to separate the harmful gas effectively.

GN Solids Control can supply the best quality mud gas separator with other solids control equipment, like shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner etc.

mud gas separator

2) Flare Ignition Device–security equipment in solids control system for deep drilling

The flare ignition device is used to follow the mud gas separator. After the explosive gas, like sulfuretted hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, removed by mud gas separator, the explosive gas will be transferred to flare ignition device via rubber hose and fired. After fired, the explosive gas will become carbon dioxide and water.

GN Solids Control can supply the best quality flare ignition device with solids control equipment spare parts, like desander cones and desilter cones for gas mud cleaner, shaker screen for shale shaker.

flare ignition device

3) Ex-proof motor and Ex-proof electrical control panel

The Ex-proof motor can be classified into ordinary explosion-proof motor and EX-proof motor with IEC or ATEX certificate. The ordinary EX-proof motor can satisfy the most drilling conditions; In some extremely complex environment, EX-proof motor with IEC or ATEX is necessary. Electrical  control panel is the same thing as motor, ordinary EX-proof control panel and EX-proof control panel with IEC or ATEX certificate.

The ordinary motor and control panel can satisfy for the Zone II; the IEC or ATEX standard can be used in Zone  I area.  Zone I means ” Under normal circumstances,  explosive  mixture gas  may appear”; Zone II means ” under normal conditions the explosive gas mixture  will not appear ; only in unusual circumstances, the explosive gas mixture may appear occasionally”

GN Solids Control can offer motor and control panel satisfy Class I, Zone I and Class I, Zone  II. GN Solids Control can offer different standard for different requirement from end user.

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