Top solids control service companies in the world

Solids control service include but not limit to a list of service regarding to oil & gas drilling, such as

  • Data reporting
  • custom developed software (compatible with operators statuatory reporting obligations)
  • monitor mud use and loss

    solids control service company

    solids control service company

  • monitor gauge hole drilling
  • monitor waste movements
  • Drill cuttings project management
  • cuttings skips logistics
  • waste movements monitoring and reconciliation
  • solids treatment and disposal
  • Mud recovery (sludge gulper / liquid recovery unit / pressure washer)
  • Pit cleaning (transfer pumps and pit cleaning squads)

Here is a list of solids control service companies in the world.

1 Baker Hughes Incorporated

Enhance drilling rig efficiency and improve fluid performance

Effectively removing solids from returned drilling fluid is vital to your drilling rig’s performance and, ultimately, the ability to achieve your drilling objectives. Having the right equipment to handle these solids is critical, if you want to enhance drilling rig efficiency and improve fluid performance.

2 Solids Control Services (SCS), specialises in the supply of high quality decanter-centrifuge based systems and associated contracting services, applicable to a broad spectrum of solids control and separation applications on a worldwide basis.

New and ever increasing environmental legislation increases the importance of employing efficient and reliable methods to meet waste reduction and minimisation targets.

Using SCS systems for the treatment of waste streams, whether from drilling operations or industrial processes, can render the constituents of those waste streams suitable for refuse, thereby reducing adverse environmental impact and the costs associated with waste disposal.

3 GN solids control just provide solids control equipments and technical support for solids control industry.

We provide solids control equipments for not only oil& gas drilling, but also horizontal drilling, workover, Geothermal wells,etc. The equipments we can supply including shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge based system, degasser, cutting dryer, agitator, pumps, tanks, etc.

For more info of complete solids control equipments, pls check GN solids control website.


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