Close Loop mud System for sale

If you have over 30 years experience for drilling, you will know, what is real required and what is not for close loop mud system. Sometimes people just seek for unrealistic specifications, which did not mean good for the operation. GN solids control would like to share your new idea about the drilling solids control, and put your idea into realization. We have the ability to design as your layout, no matter  you choose us as the complete system manufacturer or not.

close loop mud system

close loop mud system

Recently drilling has been changed a lot, the old experience did not work, people has their own new design. “Zero discharge mud systems” are urgently required because of the environment protection. Auger box, screw conveyor can be used to collect the drilling cuttings from shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, dewatering unit and centrifuge, then transfer them to a catch pit for later processing. In some development company where the government did not have strict regulation on environment protection, they even do not use any mud system, and let the drilling fluids discharged directly. They may face big problem in the future.

Dewatering unit is required to work together with the system, it can make further process of the fluids after processed by centrifuge after the well is finished.

The mud tank is designed similar to 40 feet standard container, it is more convenient to transport in any countries in the world. All the lifting device, dimension, skid is same with container, and we put GN solids control equipments on top of it.

If you required Close Loop mud System for oil & gas drilling, pls contact GN solids control, our service including design, consultant, manufacture and shipment.


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