Dredge Dewatering System and Equipments

Dredge dewatering system are Integrated from Dredged slurry Separation equioments. As a drilling mud system manufacturer,we are now moving to a new division of slurry separation for Dredge dewatering system.

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The dredge dewatering Equipments

Dredged slurry tanks (Ladder、slide walk、handrail、valve, mud pipe line, clean gate)

Dredge Dewatering System

Dredge Dewatering System

Sand Pumps,Centrifugal pump
Electrical Requirements:460v, 60 Hz, 3Ph, 350 Amps or 380v, 50 Hz, 3Ph
Solid Separation Equipment
Two ZS Scalping Shakers model ZS830×108-3
2 Desanders with ZS830×108-3 Shakers
2 Desilter with ZS830×108-3 Shakers
Thru put Dredged slurry Dewatering Capacity
2000 gallons per minute, continuous.
Slurry Agitators
Two 7.5kw with double impeller
Solids Loading in Feed
15% by weight for best performance
Mud Guns

Features of Dredge Dewatering System

• Operation is continuous at . NO BATCHING.
• Produced solids are stackable, can be transported in open dump trucks, can be readily moved with front end loaders or conveyors and will pass “paint filter”.
• The entire system is designed onto a rock-over type trailer for fast and easy transport in the field or on the highways. It is a legal highway load.
• The system is totally mechanical; no chemicals are used in this process.

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