Customized Shale Shaker for mud system.

1, Dimensions for our normal  shale shaker as enclosed files. For your truck mounted drilling mud system we can customize the shaker as below.

ZS70x105-3 shale shaker: L×W×H(2385×1800×1200mm)

To lower the height we cut the skid for the shaker,and fix the shaker on the sump without skid,and also make the motor to be the highest point.(Which similar like the enclosed pictures).To do this,the shale shaker is fixed on the mud tank,so it would be better for us to make the mud tank and the shale shaker unit for you.The total mud system unit can be put in one container.(Quotation as enclosed).

2, .People usually do not use a shale shaker more then 4 screens.For 4 screens or more then that, as the mud loading is very big,it influences the shale shaker life dramatically.(Even Brandt shale shaker has such problems).So people prefer to use more shakers, not more screens shaker.For your mud system,the ZS70x105-3 treating capacity is big enough.

3, To buy more shale shaker screens later ( after the 1st sets are used up) what would is the minimum order value for a batch of shale shaker screens if sent by UPS using our UPS a/c number ? No Minimum Order limited, fast and reliable spare parts for our clients are guaranteed.

Clients Reply for customized shale shaker for drilling mud system solution:

Thank you very much indeed for such good analysis of our requirement, customisation of the shaker / tank package and for your quotation. I absolutely agree, it is much better for the shale shaker and the mud tank to be one integrated package.

This quotation really helps and now I can see the whole picture.  As someone who also sells equipment I do appreciate the investment of time that is made, prior to order, such that the client a) understands better what he needs and b) understands what he will get.  Thank You !

I want to keep you informed about the next stages & timescales for us here. Now that we have the total amount of our spend for the whole project we need to obtain the final agreement of our bank for financing of the project (  many items, inc. shale shaker & mud tank ).

Welcome to contact GN for drilling mud system,and customized shale shaker free design.

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