Shale Shaker compatible with Replacement shaker Screen fit for Derrick shale shaker

GN ZS70×105-3 shale shaker is compatible with replacement shaker screens fit for  Derrick FLC 2000 series shale shaker.

Thanks for your reply for asking for Shale Shaker compatible with Derrick shaker Screen ;
A)   Are the quoted shakers compatible with Derrick screens?
I quoted our another shaker :ZS70×105-3 model compatible with Derrick screens,Which is similar to Derrick FLC 2000 3 Panels shaker.
B)    Can you supply the prices of the screens?
In the shaker quotation,you’ll see the shaker screen unit price and screen life.,we also enclosed 3 kinds of screens which can all be used in our shaker
C)   Do you have a comparison table for your Equipment Vs Derrick performances?
ZS70×105-3 model is similar,but treating capacity do not as high as Derrick. GN VS Derrick about 1 VS 1.15.
D)   Can you please quote the price of the Decanting Centrifuges of your catalog?
Do you have a price list for your other products?
We might have urgen t need of mud Tanks, Mixing hopper, Agitators etc.
We enclosed our pricelist for your info.
GN Is a new but fast developing company which was established in 2007,but our Gen. Engineer,and core management are all from a company with 15 years experience mud solids control company.Presently,we are building 5 mud systems,welcome to visit us and see our products in our factory.
We sincerely hope to make the shale shaker deal as a good start for our long term biz.

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