Diesel Electrical Land Drilling Rig

A Client from Indian ask us for Tendering Diesel Electrical Land Drilling Rig and mobile drilling rig.

We offer drilling rig mud system package

land drilling rig

land drilling rig

There will be Tender coming from Oil India Ltd. in one and a half months’ time.  This tender is mainly for buying a 2000 HP Diesel Electrical Land drilling Rig with 1000 KBPS Mast and Substructures conforming to API 4E or 4F with optional VFO and also one 750 HP Mobile drilling Rig.  The specification is under preparation.

Customer have put a restriction that they will prefer a company who has 15 years API Certificate in offering drilling rigs.

The local job of the  Diesel Electrical Land Rig and mobile rig can be arranged by us to reduce the cost.

As a Drilling rig mud system manufacturer,we are looking forward to cooperating with Diesel Electrical Land Drilling Rig and mobile drilling rig manufacturers to go for the tender.

If you are interested please contact GN Solids Control.

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