Decanter centrifuges for slurry separation

Inquiry from clients of Decanter centrifuges for slurry separation

We are looking for a Decanter centrifuge suitable for foundation industry. We are a Qatar based construction company involved in the deep foundation for high rise buildings, bridges, industrial plants etc. We are using world renowned drilling machines from Bauer Germany and SANY china for drilling the vertical holes in the ground to a depth of ranging from 15 meter ~65 meter. We have got diaphragm wall cutters to do the rectangular vertical drilling in the ground. We normally use bentonite or polymer slurry during drilling. We are already using Desanders & desilters for separating the solids from slurry to make it reusable.

Now we want to use the decanter centrifuge to process that slurry to separate the fine solid (fine silt and clay) particles from slurry. Can you offer us the suitable decanter for this purpose.

For reference you can check this website link for a German Manufacturer Bauer who is making Decanter Model BD50 for this purpose.

Slurry separation desander,desilter are of our design,and our decanter centrifuge can also met some slurry separation application.

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