Oilfield Flare Ignitors Systems

GN oilfield flare ignitor system is also called Electric Ignition Device.The flare ignitor used for igniting gases from mud gas separator.

An Flare ignition system for flares is described particularly suitable for use in remote areas with limited facilities and which includes as components a power source and specifically storage batteries with a solar battery for recharging and having an associated gasoline engine driven blower for supplying air for ignition, together with an ignition panel

oilfield flare Ignitors  system

oilfield flare Ignitors system

adapted for ready connection to a source of fuel gas, to the blower, to the power source, to the stack pilot, to the pilot ignitor and if desired to the flare header for purge gas supply. The panel preferably includes a manually oprable push button for an ignition spark plug, has indicators of pilot operation and has manual control of the delivery of fuel gas for ignition, for use as pilot gas and for use as purge gas. A thermocouple is provided at the pilot for control of indicating lamps indicative of pilot operation or non-operation as well as purge failure.

Flare Ignitor is also called oilfield torch unit.

Flare Ignitors ffshore exploration and well testing. Our models are available in 12 volt solar or 110 volt electric, each comes with a standard manual flame detection, and if requested can be fitted with a thermocouple for detection and monitoring.

SAFETY FIRST: Prevent serious safety and health problems and dangerous gas build ups. To meet the conditions of Federal and State requirements, let us solve your Flare Stack and Flare Ignition requirements, with quality flare system design and engineering.

Uses for GN Oilfield Flare Ignitors Systems include:

  • Flaring of Vent Gas at Tank Batteries
  • Pipe Line Venting Locations
  • Off Shore Drilling and Production Platforms
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Locations
  • Portable Well Testing Stacks
  • Horizontal Drilling Locations
  • Pipeline Blow-Downs
  • Tank Degassing and Waste Disposal Facilities

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