Horizontal & Vertical Sand Pumps for drilling fluids

Both horizontal sand pump and vertical sand pumps are used in HDD(horizontal directional drilling) and oil gas drilling fluids system.

Horizontal sand pump

Horizontal sand pump

  • Horizontal sand pumps

Horizontal sand pump is an important equipment in oil rig mud cycling system, be able to deliver corrodive drilling fluid(with suspended particulates) or other liquid media under similar work condition, are the best optional pumos of sand removers, mud recovers and mixing hoppers as well as perfect perfusion pumps of mud pumps. For design of their parameters, that equipment with which such pumps are used together can operate under the best work condition has been fully considered. These pumps are mainly characterized by good versatility and exchangeability of parts, less leakage of shaft seal, reliable operation, long service life and convenient maintenance.

Horizontal sand pump are used for feeding drilling fluids mud cleaners,mud desander,desilters.And provide the force for particle separation of drilling fluids.

  • Vertical Sand pump Application Instruction

Vetical sand pump in drilling mud circulation system is usually submersible pump,it usually used to feed drilling mud decanter centrifuge,and sometimes also used to feed mud cleaners,desanders,desiters.

Vertical sand pump

Vertical sand pump

1. The pump is of vertical type, and can be used in a slant way within a certain angle range. And the vertical sand pump can be fixed on a pontoon, a floating platform or a fixed pedestal.

2.The motor should be provided with a protective cover and the cable interface should be carried out waterproofing process.

3.Oil nozzles at the motor seat and the middle section should be filled with oil once in each operation. The pump body should be maintained once every 300 hours. And the motor should be maintained once every three months.

4.The main machine of the vertical sand pump should be cleaned and maintained, added with oil to prevent rust, and stored in a dry place when not used. And the main machine of the pump should keep vertical when transported and stored.

Assembly and Disassembly of the Vertical Sand Pump
1.While disassembly, the order is motor and coupling firstly – pump shell – adjusting nut – guard plate – pump cover – shaft housing – positioning sleeve – pump seat – motor frame – main shaft – bearing finally. All the disassembled metal parts are cleaned and checked.

2.The vertical centrifugal  pump shall be assembled in a reverse order compared with disassembly order. The adjusting nut is used to adjust the clearance between the impeller and the guard plate in the assembly. The main shaft should be rotated by hands to make sure that it is not blocked after assembly. And the bearing chamber and the shaft gland chamber should be filled with lubricating grease during assembly.

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