oil gas drilling torch unit

The torch unit is also called electric ignition device,which is used for igniting gas in oil gas drilling.It marches the mud gas separator in oil gas drilling.

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Drilling mud gas torch

Drilling mud gas torch

Working procedure of drilling mud torch.

1. Have the flammable gas conveyed to the air intake of gas burner (torch) through the pipeline installed at the safe area.
2. Connect and start current transformation of electric ignition device and electric circuit of voltage amplification.
3. Open the liquefied gas pot and ignite fire-leading tube through operating electric ignite (ignition at first stage), or with the fire-leading gas valve of emptying gas directly opened, ignite fire-leading tube through electric igniter (ignition at first stage).
4. Open gas blown down valve and ignite the blown down gas through the flaming fire-leading tube (ignition at second stage).
5. Have the liquefied gas pot closed with fire-leading tube put out, letting the blown down flammable gas to freely burning.

Drilling mud gas drilling torch unit. for poor boy degasser.

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