Offshore drilling rig mud degasser

An offshore drilling company require the degasser from us

The drill vessel Belford Dolphin rig is considering installing a Diverter line degasser , in the vessels present offshore drilling location , the wells are subject to gas suspension in the riser (deepwater exploration) , venting this off via the choke and kill manifold to the present Poor Boy degasser  is not suitable.

mud degasser

mud degasser

The plan that is being researched at present is to install a degasser in the diverter line returning to the gumbo box.

Your model ZYQ1000 mud gas separator  or ZYQ1200 poor boy degasser is of interest to the vessel, please advise if a larger inlet can be fitted to these units IE  8” as opposed to a 5” inlet

Please supply a quote and delivery time for this offshore drilling mud degasser

The degassers for offshore drilling mud  as shown are minimal for what the client has requested from the rig.

On the present drilling location gas is being trapped in the riser (suspended in the mud) this is creating a situation were gas bubbles are coming out of the riser and causing mud to be expelled onto the drilling  rig floor , by the time this is noticed the gas bubble has all but dissipated , leaving a mess on the rig floor

The idea the contractor has request use to explore is if there is a custom built unit  available which can be put in the diverter line (16”) that can be used online to direct the mud floor through when gas is present utilizing the mud pump on the boost line  to circulate through the offshore drilling mud degasser.

Our solutions:

I discussed with our engineer,the problem is the mud you are using contains too much gas,he advise to use a vacuum degasser after the shale shaker.In this way,it will also improve the performance of the solids control equipments after the shale shake,like the pumps,hydrocyclones,centrifuges ect.

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