Complete bentonite recycling system

We just finished a proposal for Complete bentonite recycling system for client.

Bentonite recycling system

Bentonite recycling systema client.

Bentonite reycling system for piling work.

I want you to confirm whether the  system in your brochure “I attached that please check” is that system can replace the function of the separate parts ,Bentonite Desander 120 mt3/hr,Bentonite mixer 10m3/hr Bentonite return pump 180m3/hr , 25Hp “Diesel motor”Bentonite circulating pump 180m3/hr “Elec. motor” 15kw.

Our proposal for the bentonite recovery system:

The tank are divided into 3 compartmentst,from right to left are A,Shale Shaker compartment B,desander compartment C,Mixing compartment .The Return Pump feed mud to the shaker,and after the treatment of shaker goes to the shaker compartment. Then mud overflow to desander compartment, and then circulation pump suck mud from desander compartment to feed the desander cones,after dedander cones treatment,the clean mud (particls size≤47microns)goes to the mixing tank.The mixing hopper and the marching sand pumps as well as the mixing compartment circulate for mixing bentonite.The mud in the mixing compartment are recovered bentonite mud which is usable.

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