Drilling rig mat manufacturer

Drilling rig mat is components for drilling rig packages, as a China top solids control system manufacturer, we also manufacture  drilling rig mats. Buying drilling rig mats from us and rental to your local clients is a good business in oil gas rich areas.

A rig mat is a portable platform used to support equipment used in construction and resource-based activities

drilling rig mat

drilling rig mat

including drilling rigs, camps, mud tanks system, helipads, etc. the rig mat  also includes a structural roadway to provide passage over unstable ground, pipelines and more.

Access Rig Mats: Also known as swamp mats. Commonly made out of Spruce, Pine, Fir or a combination thereof, access mats are held together by lag bolts, nails or screws.

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Wood And Steel Rig Mats: Also known as steel frame mats. Commonly made of spruce, pine, fir or a combination thereof surrounded on the edges by I Beam or HST steel. The steel is used to strengthen the mats and enable the manufactures of the mats to build them in larger sizes and to support more weight than an access mat.
To learn more about rig mats,and drilling mud solids control equipments please contact GN Solids Control Sales. Fast reply for drilling rig mats are guaranteed.

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