NOV Brandt HS-2171 Centrifuge

Centrifuge uses high-G force to separate fine solids from liquid. It can be used to process weighted and unweighted, oil based and water based drilling mud. Popular centrifuge manufacturer like Derrick, Swaco and NOV brandt are US brand. Here introduce a China popular brand, GN Solids Control.


Let’s compare GN Solids with NOV Brandt centrifuge hereunder:

1. NOV Brandt centrifuge, HS-2171L centrifuge

The HS-2172L centrifuge is fed from the solids end of the conveyor. Mud is introduced into the feed chamber of the HS-2172L through a feed tube and, with the aid of a concave accelerator, exits through twelve (12) nozzles into the bowl.

The HS-2172L is equipped with variable frequency drive (VFD) control, which provides a controlled application of motor drive power to the centrifuge components (bowl, conveyor and feed pump). Customized hardware and software packages can be designed to meet specific installation and operational requirements. With a processing capacity of up to 550 gal/min (2082 lit/min), the HS-2172 series centrifuge is able to quickly process high volumes of mud while allowing prescribed mud weights and separation efficiency to be maintained. This enables the HS-2172 series centrifuge to produce fine cut points at higher flow rates, making it ideal for high-flow applications and critical-conditions solids control.

2. GN Solids Centrifuge, GNLW553VFD Centrifuge

Also equipped with VFD control panel, this can provide controlled application of main drive, back drive and also feeding pump. With a process capacity of up to 500GPM, this is a big bowl centrifuge, proper to waste management field.

Now, GN can also provide PLC control panel. The user press on the panel and can control all the systems.

Any requirement on centrifuge, pls contact GN Solids Control for inquiry.

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