Usage of Middle Speed Decanter Centrifuge on Barite Recovery from Weighted Drilling Fluids

Decanter centrifuge has many kinds, classified as speed, it has high speed, middle speed, low speed; classified by drive type, it has belt drive, fully hydraulic drive and magnetic drive; classified by manufacturers, it has GN Solids Control. The former 3 brand are U.S. brand and the last one is China brand. The only China brand can compare with U.S. brand.

Hereunder, we listed some middle speed centrifuge which is popular used for weighted drilling mud barite recovery, overseas and domestic market.

high speed centrifuge

1.  DE1000 FHD 

The DE-1000 FHD is installed on a rugged portable skid that includes a two point effluent discharge for easy setup. All rotating assembly components are manufactured from corrosion resistant 316 grade and high strength stainless steel alloy materials. Liquid and solid bowl heads are machined from forgings while the bowl and conveyor hubs are constructed from centrifugally cast stock. The drive system uses a 50 horsepower explosion-proof motor to drive the bowl via a hydrostatic pump/motor, and the conveyor with a Rotodiff by Viscotherm AG. On high specific gravity solids loading applications, the Rotodiff may apply up to 45 horsepower to drive the conveyor. On high solids volume and high speed applications, the hydrostatic motor may also require up to 45 horsepower to drive the bowl. The large fan-cooled radiator is corrosion resistant to allow trouble-free operation in hot corrosive environments.

2. Swaco 518

The M-I SWACO 518 CENTRIFUGE is the premier high-speed, decanting centrifuge for drilling-mud and fluids-handling applications. Ruggedly built for oilfield and industrial service, the 518 Centrifuge it is especially effective in environmentally sensitive areas. It delivers high fluid-recovery rates and efficient solids control to significantly reduce the costs of makeup fluids and disposal.

3. Brandt HS2717

The HS-2172MM centrifuge is fed from the liquid end of the conveyor. Mud is introduced into the feed chamber through a feed tube and, with the assistance of built-in “S” shaped accelerators, exits into the bowl through two (2) elongated windows. A Canadian version of the HS-2172MM is available and utilizes 575V, as opposed to 480V. Both the HS-2172L and the HS-2172MM models are able to exert up to 2,684 G’s on the mud.


GNLWVFD is a variable speed centrifuge; you can adjust the speed to a low speed which is proper for barite recovery.

Besides, GNLW363G fixed speed type is also available for option. We can offer you 3 pulleys to change speed from 1800RPM, 2500RPM and 3200RPM.

Any requirement on decanter centrifuge or other solid control equipment, please contact GN Solids Control for enquiry.

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