Mud System for Geothermal Drilling

GN Solids Control equipment mainly used on oil drilling, gas drilling, Coal bed methane drilling, Horizontal directional drilling and also geothermal drilling.  Recently,we got inquiry from Kenya Geothermal Operation Company. They have one 750hp geothermal rig and want to match mud system for near future project.  After have discussion with the operation manager, we offer one compact solution.

mud system

Mud tank:

Originally, we offer 3 options below:

Tank height Tank width Tank height Effective Capacity
Option 1 40ft 8ft 7.8 ft (2400mm) 52cbm 9.5ft (2900mm)
Option 2 40ft 8ft 7.2ft (2200mm) 47cbm 8.9ft (2700mm)
Option 3 40ft 8ft 5.9ft (1800mm) 40cbm 7.5ft(2300mm

In order to give lower weir feeding height, we give one lower height mud tank with only 1800mm. The tank length and width are same as 40feet container. In this case, the mud from well pit can flow to the shaker smoothly via flowline.

Main Equipment of Shale Shaker & Desander

Option1: 1000GPM mud equipment,  Shaker (2 unit) + Desanser ( with 2 pcs desander cone);

Option 2: 500GPM mud equipment,  Shaker (1 unit) + Desander ( with 1 pcs desander cone);

Shaker: GNZS703E-LW Weir height 500mm which is much lower for special drilling rig with lower flowline. This linear motion shale shaker is 3 panel shaker screen shaker with 2X1.72KW vibration motor. The treating capacity can reach 500gpm.

Desander: GNWSE-2S desander with 2pcs 10inch diameter desander cones, can reach 1000gpm. In order to get better working performance, proper centrifugal pump is required to give enough mud pressure. Generally, 37kw or 45kw centrifugal pump is recommended.

shale shaker GN


After discussion with the customer, they finally make decision on the lower height mud tank and 1000gpm mud equipment with two units shale shaker & one unit desander with 2pcs desander cones. GN Solids Control is professional mud system manufacturer. Pls contact for any inquiry.

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