Two Units Brand New Centrifuge on Promotion with 15% Discount

GN Decanter Centrifuge have been upgraded from beginning year of 2014. The new generation centrifuge with two motor in one end, more compact and offer more space on the operation platform. The New Generation centrifuge is much similar with US brand centrifuge. For the time being, we also have Two Units Brand New Centrifuge on Promotion with 15% Discount. The two units 14inch bowl centrifuge, GNLW363G,  made according to High standard or international standard, equal to US brand centrifuge production material.

GN Centrifuge GNLW363G is high speed centrifuge can be used both for solids control & waste management. With it’s 3200RPM high rotation bowl speed & 2700/2200rpm middle rotation bowl speed, the centrifuge can separate fine solids & can be used to recover barite also. This model centrifuge is much popular in Middle East, North Africa, Argentina, Brazil, North America etc.

Swaco 518 centrifuge


Read more on GNLW363G parameters from GN website, same parameters as GNLW363BG

Why Two Units Brand New Centrifuge on Promotion with 15% Discount ?

Generally GN Solids Control production dept fabricate centrifuge by batches, not orders. Last year, we fabricate 10 units centrifuge as one batch. In this case, we can give fast response when there are some requirements from end user. However, when we update the centrifuge to 2nd generation, we found there are still 2 units brand new centrifuge with no requirement from customer. In order to empty the warehouse, the centrifuge have to be handled by lower price, with 15% discount.

If you are old customer who have GN former design centrifuge, and want to buy more, pls come up to contact us.  If you are new customer, we can offer commercial & technical proposal for both the two generation centrifuge. You can compare by yourself and decide if you like the former design centrifuge with big discount.

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