Mar 18

The Mud gas separator & Trip tank skid is continued with Mixing and reserve mud tank about our proposal to a Libya drilling company.

Following is clients requirements for Mud gas separator & Trip tank & Choke Manifold skid

Trip Tank & Mud Gas Separator Skid

Trip Tank & Mud Gas Separator Skid

1-      10’ x 40’ oilfield type skid with loading hitches for tail boarding and provisions for mounting of choke manifold.

2-      60 bbls trip tank 8’ long x 10’ wide x 8’ manifold high

one (1) 10 hp agitator

two (2) 3’’ x 2’’ centrifugal pump with mechanical seal for trip tank. pump to be powered by a 25 hp, 1800 rpm, 480 volt, 3- phase, 60 hz x pac motor.

3-      mud gas separator to be 2.5’ x 20’. unit will separate mud and vent gas. unit will fold over the top of the choke manifold.

4-      one (1) 4’’,  5000#, 2-1/16’’ choke manifold complete with one (1) 5- way cross, eight (8) 4-1/16’’ x 5000# gate valves, one (1) 2-1/16’’ x 5000# gate valve, one (1) 4-1/16’’ adjustable choke, one (1) studded 4- way cross, 2-1/16’’ x 5000# ports, one (1) 2-1/16’’ flanged mud gauge, one (1) 2-1/16’’ x 5000# adapter flange, one (1) blanking plug, one (1) 2’’, 1502 hammer nut and all bolts/nuts for flanges. customer to supply one (1) 5000# hydraulic choke and control panel.

piping from choke manifold to mud/gas separator to be included.

5-      bar grating to cover the entire top of trip tank.

one (1) set of stairs with handrails from top of tank to poor boy side to be included.

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  1. 1. kemache Says:


    chickanes design ,please? DRAWING OF CHICKANS


  2. 2. Juan Carlos Flores Says:

    Could you please how much will a trip tank without the gas separator cost?, could you please tell me if there is an option to measure the volumes with an ultrasonic device, and how much will it increase the cost of the tank?

    Juan Carlos

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