BOMCO F-1000 single acting triplex mud pump

Libya clients mud system requirements,this is continued wit Mud gas separator & Trip tank skid

New Bomco F-1000 single acting triplex mud pump complete.New Bomco F-1000 single acting triplex mud pump complete with:

BOMCO Mud Pump

BOMCO Mud Pump

Rated power:1000hp
maximum speed:120rpm(at crankshaft)
stroke length:10”
fully enclosed machined and fabricated steel main frame
main frame with access covers over crosshead
area and inspection doors on each side
double helical pinion shaft and bull gear
machined forged steel crankshaft
self-adjustable and replaceable crosshead guides
individually forged steel interchangeable fluid end modules with quick change valve pot covers
new Ensco liners, pistons, polyurethane valves and seals
oil bath and positive flow lubrication system
suction and discharge manifolds
new bomco pulsation dumpner,5000 psi maximum
service pressure, 20-gallons surge capacity, 4” api 5000 ring joint connection
new 3” valve,manual reset relief,1500-5000 psi with flanged connection
new gauge,pressure,0-5000 psi range with flanged connection
new discharge strainer assembly
new pump unitization complete with:
fabricated structural steel oilfield three-runner
skid for tail boarding structural steel motor
subbase with two(2) adjustable motor base plates

electric motor drive arrangement with one(1) new series wound dc traction motors.each motor to include one(1)10hp blower and junction box with lockout switch.
drive sheaves, pump sheaves, Kevlar belts and fabricated belt guards with belt tensioning system to be included.
new liner wash centrifugal 1×1.5 centrifugal  pump with mechanical seal,3hp,1735rpm,480volt,3-phase,60hz,te xp ac motor,piping, reservior,manifold and hose.

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