Mixing and reserve mud tank

The mixing and reserve mud tank is after :Drilling mud suction Tank(2) for the 1000HP (ZJ40) Drilling rig mud system.500 bbls. three (3) compartment reserve tank, 10’ wide x 8’ deep x 37’ long mounted on a 40’ skid per above general specifications and including:

Mixing and reserve tank compartment:

water tank

water tank

150 bbls mixing compartment

175 bbls reserve #1 compartment

175 bbls reserve #2 compartment

one (1) full partition with bottom equalizer on reserve tanks.

top grating includes tubing handrials and toe boards.

one (1) stair to ground with handrials.

removable walkway with handrials to suction tank.

one (1) 1’’ diameter x 25’ long valved water washdowen hose.

16’’ x 18’’ mud ditch with 10’’ dump gate to each compartment.

three (3) psi 10 hp mud agitator supplied and mounted on tank. two (2) in reserve tank compartment and one (1) in mixing compartment.

two (2) 3’’ bottom mud guns with butterfly valves.

three (3) 10’’ butterfly valve clean-out gates – one (1) each in compartment.

one (1) 12’’ bottom equalizer to suction tank.

two (2) 6’’ hopper to suck mix mud in any tank.

two (2) 8×6 centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals, each powered by a 100 hp, 1800 rpm, 480 volt, 3-phase, 60 hz xp ac motor supplied and mounted on tank porch for mud mix.

one (1) 12’’ dich connection to suction tank.

one (1) 6’’ mud gunning line connection to suction tank.

one (1) 2’’ water line connection to suction tank.

Mud Tank

by George Trist

Mud tank is a basic part of solids control system or other equipments alike. It is widely used. How mud tank works, it is a…

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