Mechanical Seal in Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumpsare used widely in drilling fluids system, as feeding pump, transfer pump, trip pump, charging pump, mixing pump, weighting pump. Mechanical seal became a popular type centrifugal pump at present.

mechanical seal in centrifugal pump

mechanical seal in centrifugal pump

What is mechanical seal?

Mechanical seal is a device which to prevent liquid under pressure from leaking out of the pump, or from drawing air into the pump when under vacuum conditions.

Mechanical seal centrifugal pump is a type of Single-stage & single-suction mud pump, Material of pump housing, stuffing box, impeller, bracket mount is Grey iron casting HT250, and pump shaft is made of 42CrMo, Mechanical seal material including :

Rubber material is viton

Skid, spring is made of SS316

Surface of seal is made of tungsten carbide

GN Centrifugal pump mechanical seal this top quality seal is manufactured from the finest materials available today. This seal delivers superior performance due to superior design. Our seal distributes drive torque over 10 drive tabs, which are 25-50% thicker than others on the market, therefore reducing stress on the outer retainer. All metal parts are manufactured or 316 stainless steel. Eastover’s are manufactured from viton. Both rotating and stationary seal faces are tungsten carbide.

GN already replace all the packing seal centrifugal pump with mechanical seal centrifugal pump, it can save maintenance time for replacing packings, and less the wear parts cost.

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