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We manufacture centrifugal pump in China factory.Welcome to see details about GN solids control:Centrifugal Pump

The SB series centrifugal pump has been designed and developed for petroleum drilling solid control, it adopts the axial sucking structure and all the hydraulic components are wear proof cast iron, which is suitable for delivering

the corrosive liquids with suspended particles in well drilling.
SB centrifugal pumps are characteristic of abrasion resistance, smooth and stable running, reliable seals, long service life and convenient maintenance.
There are several series SB centrifugal pumps, compound seal type,  mechanical seal type, metric flanges and American standard flanges (ANSI B16.5) are available. The pumps are  respectively designed  three rotating speeds

of 1180rpm, 1480rpm and 1750rpm, and can be driven by 50Hz and 60Hz power. The bearing can be lubricated in either oil or grease.

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