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The landfills are low-cost and low-technology, so until now, it is the most popular method for drilling waste disposalin developing companies, who do not have much concern about environment.

drilling waste management equipments

drilling waste management equipments

1 Landfill

After drilling waste are maximum recovered and the certain level for oil, salt, metals or industrial chemicals can reach the disposal standard set up by environment Department, it can be landfill disposal. Even with low-concentration levels, pits must be structurally sound and isolated from groundwater sources, so that it can not be thread of groundwater supplies.

Waste with slightly higher concentrations can be blended with clean soil to meet acceptable levels. Pits can be located within plant rooting zones, but cannot intersect with ground water tables. If waste exhibits toxic concentrations, disposal can only occur in specially engineered and legally permitted landfills (on-site or off-site)

2 Drilling waste management

Only when the drilling waste is maximum recycled and treatment and reach the certain level, it can be landfill. GN solids control worked together with drilling waste management service companies, we provide equipments to support the service company to do the drilling waste disposal service.GN Vertical cutting dryer can make the drill cutting dryer and oil content in the cuttings is lower than 5%, then the water can be chemical treatment and the cuttings can be landfill or others.

Although there are a lot of methods for drilling waste disposal, the core solution is to reduce the drilling waste and maximum recycling them. A proper solids control system can minimize the drill cuttings and recycle more useful drilling fluids, a good drilling waste management system can recycle more cleaning drilling fluids from the cuttings, both of them can less the drilling waste disposal. GN provide both solids control & waste management solution, you need further process for the drilling waste disposal.

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  1. 1. James Mann Says:

    I have many years is the oil &Gas disposal I am currently employed wit MB Environmental Services located in the east Texas area, if you are looking for some one to operate or manage a facility email me

    James Mann

  2. 2. Denver Allbritton Says:


    We are interested in speaking you about a waste disposal project.

    Please call me at (936) 635 2282 if you are interested.


    Denver Allbritton

  3. 3. JUAN JIMENEZ Says:

    James good evening,

    I am seeking for information about the full process for Oil and Gas Waste Management disposal and recycling in the Oil Rigs.

    Thank you for any attention to this matter,


  4. 4. Ali Says:

    Hello there,

    I have clients that have drilling operation and facing environmental issue which is the drilling cutting waste treatment/ Disposal, where they carried out the construction method by utilizing the storage pit and performing further disposal by using the land-spreading method which lead to various of issues. So is there any new particular machine/ unit to eliminate this method and dispose of/ treat these waste.

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