Hydraulic mining slurry separation Machinery

As a drilling mud solids control system manufacturer,we just succeed in getting contract with a Turkey Company for Hydraulic mining slurry separation Machinery.

Hydraulic mining slurry separation

Hydraulic mining slurry separation

Our engineer went to see the mining project in Turkey,and discussed about how to apply our slurry separation machinery and equipments.Finally we agreed on a complete slurry separation system proposal.

Hydraulic mining slurry separation system including machinery as: Slurry centrifugal pumps,mud tanks,shale shakers,desanders,desilters,slurry agitators etc.

Hydraulic ming from Hillendale Mine

A feasibility study for Hillendale Mine evaluated five different mining methods. On a net present cost basis it was found that a hydraulic monitoring method was the least expensive, with the next cheapest being an excavator – pumping system combination. The hydraulic mining method, which has been successfully used at the Hillendale Mine for the last four years, is also proposed to be used for the Fairbreeze Project C and Fairbreeze Project C Extension deposits.

To learn more about GN Slurry Separation machinery for Hydraulic Mining industry.

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