Mining industrial slurry separation equipment

Today,A Mining company from turkey inquired us for Mining indutrial slurry separation equipments.

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mining slurry separtion equipment

mining slurry separtion equipment

We are a Mining Company active in Turkey.
We continue investing on Mica, Feldspar and Heavy Minerals production from our major and significant sources, which we have already converted into Proven Reserve.
Our material is insitu weathered pyroclastic tuff and is made of sand, silt and clay.
Our quarry production is based on HYDROMINING Method, by which the material is transferred into the plant in muddy condition by means of pumps.
We have pinpointed your firm through internet for mining mud separation equipment.
In order to start a detailed communication, we would like to ask you please, to pass across as soon as possible the prices of the Mining indutrial slurry separation equipment given attached.

And he selected slurry separation equipment for mining as below.

slurry separation Shale Shaker

Mining slurry separation mud cleaner

Desander mud desilter

Decanting Centrifuge

High Speed Frequency Converter Centrifuge

Sand Pump

Jet Mud Mixer

Submersible Slurry Pump

GN Solids Control Manufacture All these Mining indutrial slurry separation equipment,supply and provide service around the world for mining mud separation.

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