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Shear pump is also called shearing pump,which is a centrifugal pump,but used for shearing of drilling mud chemicals,shearing the bentonite.

GN make centrifugal shearing pump for drilling mud solids control system.


shearing pump

shearing pump

(For Shearing of Mud Chemical)

Capacity              – 1000 GPM @ 100 FT Discharge Pressure
@ 22 PPG
Size                       – 6 x 8 R
Shaft Size            – 1 7/8″
Impeller Size         - 12″
Motor                  – 100 HP, 1500 RPM, 3 Phase, 400 V, 50 HZ
Classification       - Explosion Proof
Note                 – Starting Motor To Be Soft Start System
9 Shaft Nos 4
10 Impeller (12″ Dia) Nos 4
11 Wear Plate Nos 4
12 Bearing Nos 16
13 Housing Nos 2
14 Oil Seal Nos 16
15 Gland Packing Nos 3

JQB series Shear Pump is a special purpose equipment of solids control system which can meet all customers’ requirements of preparing dilling fluid for the well drilling system. This shear pump manufactured by GN company is used to treat the high property mud, make the mud to obtain good rheological properties and cut the drilling cost as much as possible. This ideal solids control equipment designed by GN’s engineers has  high performance and gained customer’s high evaluation.

Awaiting your reply for the Centrifugal pump for shearing of drilling mud Chemical and thank you for your continue support.

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  1. Mixing and reserve mud tank Says:

    [...] (2) 8×6 centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals, each powered by a 100 hp, 1800 rpm, 480 volt, 3-phase, 60 hz xp ac motor [...]

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  1. 1. Gemala Trading Canada Limited Says:

    Can you quote :
    Centrifugal pump 5X4X14″ vertical pump, impeller TBD, hard iron fluid end, mechanical seal 416SS shaft sleeve. Model: Mud hog-2.5′ “shorty”
    Motor: 40Hp/415V/50Hz, 3 phase. Class. zone 1,ATEX compliance, explosion proof, ingress protection 1P56.

    Gemala Trading Canad Ltd.

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